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Delph Side Community Primary School

Enjoy, Embrace, Evolve - "We Make the Difference!"

Welcome to Reception

Meet the team

Reception Class 2015-2016
Reception Class 2015-2016


The teachers in Reception are Mr Fyne, Mrs Keegan, Miss O'Hare and Miss Johnson.


A big hello and welcome from all of the staff and children in Reception. Thank you for taking the time to look at our page. 


Welcome back to Reception for the summer term which is sure to be a busy half term. Our theme is "Into the Woods" and we will be reading different traditional tales. We have already read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and will be reading The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be building houses in our 3 Pigs construction site, investigating the crime scene in Three Bears cottage and growing beanstalks, as well as lots of other exciting learning activities. We look forward to lots of independent writing and children starting to write their own stories.!

Check out all the great learning opportunities here on our class page and on Facebook.  We are happy to work with the needs and interests of the children so things can often change!! 




As a team we value your contribution to your child’s learning and would love to hear about any achievements you have witnessed at home. Please share with us any photographs, pictures, stories and work that your child is proud of so we can be proud of them too!  We will send home "Little Star" vouchers so you can share with us. Each child has their own space on our " Wonder/Wow Wall" to display their learning. Please come and see what they have been doing!


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Notice for parents


  •  PE will take place on Friday this year so please ensure your child has the correct kit with their name clearly marked. Please can you send in pumps or trainers so we can go outside in our PE lessons. 
  • Key Words and Reading - Please make sure you are working on your child's key words each night so that they can read them straight away. It is also important to share your child's reading book daily and write a comment in their reading record.
  • Please ensure your child brings their book bag in every day.

*Useful Links 

*Jolly Phonics songs - We use this to helpd the children learn songs that act as memory aids to help them recall letter sounds for reading  

* Counting song - We are learning to count to 20 and then to 100. 

Summer 2

In Reception we have been learning about life on the International Space Station and what astronauts eat in space. We read a story about Beegu, an alien who got lost on earth. He then sent us some of his favourite food to taste. We tasted red Mars milk, purple curious custard and green rocket rice!!

It has been a very creative week in Reception. Children have used their imagination to paint their own aliens. They have also designed and made space rockets out of junk. Children loved painting their models and then adding different features to them. Children also enjoyed trying out a new app, Quiver, on the iPads, and experienced augmented reality. They coloured in a picture and then brought it to life using Quiver.

It has been a very busy time in Reception. We learnt about the Queen and celebrated her 90th birthday by making crowns in class and having a street party lunch in the hall. We also had to investigate a crash scene in Reception and work out what had happened. We think a space ship crashed and there is an alien at Delph Side. We designed out own aliens on a new app - Tiny Alien Maker. We have also enjoyed being creative in class - painting aliens and making our own junk models space ships. We enjoyed our Euro day and learnt about the different countries. We decorated our own football kits, made England flags and made an England biscuit out of icing sugar and strawberry laces!

Reception have been reading the story of Jack and the beanstalk and asked to taste different beans. So today they had the opportunity to taste some beans. They tasted baked beans, pinto beans, black eyed beans, red kidney beans and butter beans. Some were more popular than others! I bet you can guess which was the favourite!!

Reception have settled quickly back into school and have been showing off their creativity. Children have enjoyed using their imagination to make models out of junk. There has also been a lot of building of houses using anything that they can find!

Summer 1

This week started with the children finding a watering can, gardening gloves and some golden bean seeds. We talked about growing the seeds and had to imagine what we could find at the top of the beanstalk. We talked about and wrote our own ideas. We have read Jasper's beanstalk and Jack and the beanstalk and enjoyed role-play and rhyming activities. We planted our own bean seeds and will be taking our seeds home to look after. The giant asked us to write instructions to help him grow a beanstalk to get back home! Mr Fyne has set us lots of maths challenges to try out during our choosing time and the giant even set us measuring challenges! We are enjoying our Superhero writing challenges each morning as we come to school and we are trying hard to be chosen to wear the superhero cape and mask.

Reception children have been enjoying looking through their work books and talking about their work and past experiences in class. A big thank you to all the parents who came in to look through children's books and learning journey files with them and to see the progress that the children are making.

Someone had been up to no good in the Reception role-play area. Children were met by a crime scene and they had to find clues and write them down. They found a broken chair, an empty bowl, porridge on the floor and a girl with golden hair!! It was Goldilocks!!!! The children have enjoyed reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and tasting porridge!! There has also been lots of children having a go at our maths challenges. We are being encouraged to tell our own stories and even try to write them. We used My Story app on the iPads to make up own stories. We also had great fun learning to throw and catch as we went outdoors for PE

Reception have really enjoyed activities linked to the story of the Three Little Pigs. There has been lots of building, using straw, sticks and bricks. Children also had to mix their own paint to paint pictures of the pigs for Mummy Pig. We even had a go at writing the story of the Three Little Pigs and our own versions!! As children come to school they are set a super hero writing challenge to practice writing words and sentences. There has been some amazing writing! See if you can spot the superhero in the cape and mask! There has also been lots of maths challenges, including estimating and doubling and also more fun in the mud kitchen!

It has been a very busy first week in Reception. Children have enjoyed exploring the new learning opportunities in the classroom, especially the maths challenges! We have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs and children have enjoyed acting out the story and building in our construction site. We made our own story maps of the story. The Big Bad Wolf even visited and we could ask him questions! We went to the ICT Suite and were set a challenge to draw characters from the story and then write what the characters would say. 

Reception children have enjoyed exploring the new learning opportunities in the transformed Reception outdoor area. The mud kitchen has already been a huge success and was very popular when the children only had water and sticks!!! Once the soil arrived the children had fun mixing the soil with water and making different creations. It was great to see so much collaboration, discussions and imaginations with some very interesting ideas for what was on the menu!!

Spring 2

Reception children have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Children have enjoyed role-playing the story and have had the opportunity to draw and label characters and write sentences. We even drew the characters on the computers and typed our sentences. In the final piece of our Healthy Me Puzzle we talked about stranger danger, as Little Red Riding Hood should not have talked to the wolf. PC Stuart Leng came in and talked to us about stranger danger and we asked him lots of questions!

Keeping Healthy

As part of our Jigsaw work this week we learnt about the importance of eating a healthy diet. We talked about which foods were healthy and we should eat a lot of and those foods we should eat less often. We then had to cut up fruit ourselves to make a class fruit salad. We also enjoyed gymnastics in P.E and we were able to recognise what happens to our bodies after exercise. Our story of the week was Little Red Riding Hood and we have enjoyed role-playing the story using masks and puppets.

Sweet Dreams

As part of our Jigsaw topic, Healthy Me, Reception children enjoyed putting on their pyjamas and learning about the importance of getting a good nights sleep. We talked about our bedtime routines, drank some hot chocolate and then listened to a story. We also talked about what we dream about or we would like to dream about. We listened to a lullaby and imagined we were going to sleep! 

Living Eggs Week 2

It has been a busy week with the chicks in Reception. Children have spent a lot of time handling the chicks and have enjoyed making more brooder boxes and models out of lego for them to try out. We have also had lots of paintings, drawings and playdough chicks. We have been reading non fiction books about chickens and had to draw and label a chick. We also read the story of Chicken Licken and enjoyed acting out the story. We found out that chicks like to eat worms so went hunting for worms. However the chicks were not that keen to eat them! In our Jigsaw work we learnt about the importance of washing our hands before eating and after touching the chicks! Finally we invited our parents in for a Stay and Play to come and meet the chicks.

Living Eggs - Week 2

It was a busy start to the week for the chicks in Reception. In Maths the children weighed the chicks and tried to make the scales balance. Most of the chicks were good and stayed on the scales!! The children also enjoyed handling the chicks and taking their photos on the iPad with a challenge to give the chicks name and make a Pic Collage. In the afternoon two of the chicks enjoyed being models as the children drew them using pastels!

Living Eggs - Day 4 and 5

On Thursday and Friday we really enjoyed being able to handle and play with the chicks. We have all grown in confidence, even though they seem to poo a lot when we let them out of the brooder box! Mr Fyne set us a challenge to make a chick out of different creative materials and to draw a chick on the MyWhiteboard app on the iPads. We can't wait for next week with the chicks!

Living Eggs - Day 1 - 3

On Monday we had a special delivery of 10 eggs. The lady explained that they would hatch in 3 days. We enjoyed observing the eggs and watching them start to move. We also made them brooder boxes for when they are hatched and have enjoyed making chicks out of yellow playdough. On Tuesday there was no chicks. On Wednesday 9 chicks hatched and we were able to sit and observe them as they grew stronger. We even stroked them!! We can't wait to handle them and let them try out our brooder boxes! Ask us about the chicks - we know so much information.

What a great week we had in Reception. We celebrated Max's birthday by writing party food lists and then making sandwiches. We even played pass the parcel!! In Maths we were looked at sharing and on Maths Day we had to make fruit pattern kebabs. On World Book Day we listened to lots of stories and enjoyed visiting the library. In Computing we learnt how to use the Pic Collage app on the iPads. Mr Fyne was very impressed with us. Our week ended a Stay and Play Maths and a JIGSAW lesson which was all about exercise and the how it effects our bodies. Look how tired we look after exercise in the hall. Check out the World Maths Day photos at and the World Book Day Photos at You will find more photos of Stay and Play and of our Mother's Day Assembly on the Early Years page 

It was a busy first week back in Reception as we had to start planning a party for Max the elf. We wrote cards, invitations and party food lists. We began to learn how to use money to pay for items. Children enjoyed being back in school and enjoyed role play, indoors and outdoors, and new challenges in class. We even did Guided Reading on the iPads.





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