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Delph Side Community Primary School

Enjoy, Embrace, Evolve - "We Make the Difference!"

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! Our teacher is Mrs Littler and our teaching assistants are Miss Fitzgerald and Miss Nother. There are 23 very lovely and enthusiastic children in our class and we are always excited to learn new things. We love to learn and work very hard to become independent learners.


Year 1 Class 2015-2016
Year 1 Class 2015-2016


Our theme this half term is The Great Outdoors! We will be looking at everyday materials and talking about how different objects feel. We will also describe, compare and group materials on the basis of their simple physical properties. We will have fun exploring and experimenting with different materials to find out which are waterproof.


During geography lessons we will learn simple fieldwork skills including observation and recording by looking at the school and our surroundings.


As part of this theme we will explore and use a variety of media to create observational landscape drawings of the school grounds. Plus lots more……


Please check back to see what we get up to along the way.



General information about Year 1:

  • Toast money is £1.00 per week payable on a Monday.
    Spellings are given out on Friday each week.
  • Spelling tests are on the following Friday.
  • We need to read at home every night. When we have read at home 25 times we receive a certificate and a book prize in gathering.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and handed in the following Friday.
  • We have PE on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, but should always have our kit in school.
  • We learn 2s, 5s and 10s times tables. A times table champion is chosen each week and we receive a certificate and trophy in gathering.
  • A write of the week is chosen each week and we receive a certificate and trophy in gathering.
  • A pupil of the week is also chosen and they receive a certificate in gathering.
  • As part of our PSHE scheme Jigsaw - throughout the week children in each class nominate other children to receive a certificate in gathering for a particular focus. The focus changes each week.

Summer 2


This week we have been designing and making robots using recycled materials.

Here are some of the robots Year 1 have brought in to show the class.


In geography lessons we have been learning to use google earth and search for our own houses using our postcodes.

Year 1 have been learning how to create simple animations using different software packages.

Euro Day
Year 1 enjoyed learning about the country Belgium. They particularly enjoyed trying Belgium chocolates and waffles with chocolate sauce. Children used iPads to research the country and find out lots of information, they located Belgium on a map and designed their own Belgium flag.


Summer 1

Martin Mere

A brilliant day to enjoy the great outdoors!

In science lessons we have been learning about materials. This week 7 surprise packages were left in the classroom and each group had chance to feel and guess the materials in each bag.

Year 1 enjoyed exploring a backpack left in the classroom. We talked about the objects inside and came up with questions to ask the person.

English - Information Text
Year 1 have been practising their reading skills and identifying features of information texts.

Year 1 explored the outdoors and went on a sound walk. They had to listen carefully and write a list of sounds they could hear.

RE Festival Day - Passover

Yesterday Year 1 had a great day celebrating and learning about the Jewish festival, Passover/Pesach. We read the story which is told at Passover 'The Jews Escape from Egypt.' Children were good at sequencing the ten plagues and writing sentences about them. We also got hands on and made Passover flatbread and Passover chocolate brownie. In the afternoon we found out about the Passover meal and the Seder plate. We tried the different foods found on a a Seder plate including the fresh bread and brownie we made this morning. We also designed our own Seder plate. The day was finished off with parents visiting Year 1 to look at the work we did throughout the day.

Spring 2

Maths and Computing
Yesterday we visited Reception, Year 2 and Year 3 classes to ask the children their favourite colour.  We recorded the information in a tally chart then used busy graph maker to make a simple graph.  Today we used Pic Collage to annotate the graphs we made. 

Family Album
As part of our theme this half term we had a visit from a baby, parent and grandparent.  We talked about the changes that take place as we grow up and ordered family members by age.  Thank you for visiting us!

Green Screens!

How exciting! Year 1 have been experimenting with Green Screen. They have been learning how to search for a chosen picture on Google, save their picture, take a photograph in front of the green screen and import them into green screen. They have worked well to do all of this. Well done!

Year 1 have been learning about The United Kingdom.  They have enjoyed researching the four countries and capital cities on the iPads.  All children worked together as a team and presented their findings to the class in a confirm manner. 

Year 1 have been lucky to hold the chicks from Reception class. Some children were a little nervous at first but they overcome their fears and had a little hold.

Traditional Rhymes

This week we have been reading and singing nursery rhymes.  In small groups we acted out a different rhyme and had fun performing to our class.


We were challenged to compete against each other to see how many beads we could get into a bowl using a straw in a minute. It was so much fun! Another challenge included using chopsticks instead of a straw.


This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. Some of us went on a shape hunt around school then matched shapes to their name.



In art lessons we have been learning to make observational drawings of flowers, plants and trees. We used a range of media to draw and paint daffodils. Outside we had a go at drawing a part of the sensory garden.


Spring 1

Design and Technology

We tasted a range of fruits and described the taste. We were particularly excited about tasting a dragon fruit!

After tasting the fruits we designed a fruit product to make with a purpose in mind.  We needed to think what we were going to put our fruit product in, the fruits we wanted to use and the packaging. After designing our product we used a range of tools and equipment to make our delicious fruit snacks! Check out the rest of the pictures here!


As part of our English theme we have been learning about instructions. We have been reading and following instructions, working together to carry out instructions and writing instructions.

Here we are taking it in turns to read instructions how to make a sandwich.


Chinese New Year

Year 1 enjoyed making Chinese dancing dragon puppets for Chinese New Year and we had fun playing with them once they were finished. We were then challenged to write instructions on how to make a dancing dragon.

Frankie and Benny's

As part of our theme we visited Frankie and Benny's to find out what it was like to be a chef. We found out about hygiene and the importance of hand washing, wearing a glove and a hat when handling food. We had chance to make our own pizza with our favourite toppings and got to eat it when it was ready. Back at school the children ordered instructions on how to make a pizza to fit in with our English theme.

To see more click here!

Y1 & Y2 Gujarat Hindu Society Trip

Year 1 and Year 2 really enjoyed visiting a Hindu Temple. It was a great experience. Click HERE to see the pictures!


In English we have been reading The Enormous Turnip story and had lots of fun. We have practised retelling the story in groups and as a class. We passed the turnip around the circle and told the events in order. Using magic mirror and magic microphone we answered questions in role as a character. We also acted out the story and performed it to the class


This week we have been learning about whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns. We have been practising turning our bodies, using Lego figures and teddy bears to make turns and using Beebots.

Plant hunt

We explored the school grounds to find out how many different plants we could find. We found a total of 52 different plants.


Year 1 love wearing the magic glasses to see how they can improve sentences.  We have also been practising saying sentences with and without exclamation marks. Watch the videos!


Times Tables

We have been practising 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We are getting better every day!




Autumn 2


As part of our theme we have been learning about Tudor houses in 1666 during The Great Fire of London. We used art pencils to carefully draw a Tudor house.

We then experimented with charcoal and added detail to our Tudor houses. We did a brilliant job!

We were very excited the closer it got to Christmas. Lots happened in December including enterprise week when we made gift bags, pop up cards and calendars to sell at the fair. The children very much enjoyed being little helpers and setting up our stall which was good fun.

Fire Service Visit

Year 1 really enjoyed today's visit from the fire fighters as part of their theme Fire! Fire! Children had chance to wear a helmet, look around the fire engine and two very lucky children dressed up in their uniform. Mrs Littler was also timed getting ready into uniform which was great fun. Year 1 found out about life as a fire fighter by asking sensible questions. A great afternoon had by all.


To see the rest of the photos, click here.



Children have been working as a team to order 5s and 10s on the washing line. We have also been learning about sets of 5 using cakes.

Anti-Bullying Week
This week we have been learning about different types of bullying including cyber bullying. We used busy things on the computer to make anti-bullying posters. Have a look at the video we made of our Anti-Bullying poems too!


In maths we have been learning to measure with non standard units for example cubes, handspans and feet.

We have also been comparing the height, length and width of objects. Some of even used a ruler to measure which was a bit tricky!


Governor Visit

Year 1 thought it would be a great idea to meet and get to know our class governor Anne. We emailed her and invited her into school, we came up with questions to ask and prepared cakes and sandwiches for a little tea party. It was great! After the visit we had a go at writing the answers to our questions.


Autumn 1

Chester Zoo

As part of our theme Penguins, Pigs and Possums we visited Chester Zoo to see animals from all over the world. We observed them eating and moving and talked about the differences between them.



3D Clay Animals

In art we have been using clay to make 3d pigs, possums and penguins.  We had to be really careful joining the body parts together.  We also used tools to help us add some details.  It was messy and great fun!

Exploring the Beebots

As part of our computing lessons we have been exploring beebots.  We worked in groups to explore and program the beebots to move around the hall.  

Freeze Framing

In English we have been reading 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  We had a go at freeze framing parts of the story and talked about how the characters were feeling and what they were thinking.  We had a good giggle in the role of the characters.

Maths Games

Year 1 have been enjoying playing a range of maths games together.  The games are helping to build confidence with maths and allow children to practise their mathematical skills.


We chose our favourite animal and painted it to create a lovely display!

Hot and Cold

As part of our theme we have been learning about hot and cold places around the world.  We had lots of fun dressing dolls for hot and cold weather.  

Using the Ipads for the first time

Year 1 were very excited to use the Ipads for the first time.  They had fun exploring the different apps, creating music videos and morphing pictures.  They also had chance to use the beebot app for computing. 

Year  6 visited our class

Year 6 visited our class to show us their posters.  They asked Year 1 children what they thought of their posters and what they didn't and didn't like about them.  Year 1 were very honest and did well to answer the questions.

First Week in Year 1

What a brilliant week we have had in Year 1.  The children have settled in and are enjoying getting to know their new environment.