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Welcome to Year 2 

The Year 2 teacher is Miss James and the teaching assistants are Mrs McVeigh, Miss Byrne and Miss Bissette.

Year 2 Class 2015-2016
Year 2 Class 2015-2016


In year two we are learning to become more independent both academically and socially. Each morning begins with an ‘Early morning task’ this includes guided reading, responding to marking; fine motor activities, learning time’s tables and maths games. All our lessons are taught through a creative approach; this makes our lessons more meaningful and gives us a real love for learning!

Our current topic for this half term is Buckets and Spades. During this topic we will be taking part in lots of exciting activities such as; comparing Victorian seaside holidays with seaside holidays today, sorting and investigating a range of different materials and drawing the seaside from first hand experience.

We will be having PE lessons on a Monday and a Tuesday. Children will need their full PE kit as we will try to get outside as much as possible.


Weekly Timetable

• Mathematics homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back on a Wednesday. Until Christmas, children will be given one sheet of homework a week to complete. All children will receive their homework glued into a homework book. If the homework book is not returned back to school, children will be given a homework sheet, we would appreciate it if parents would glue this in their homework book.

• Children will be given new spellings on a Monday and have a spelling test on a Friday. At times children may be given more than 10 spellings, they may not be tested on all of them, however it is crucial that these spellings are learnt every week.

• All children will also be given times tables each week to remember. These will be tested on a Friday with their spellings.

• Please remind your child to take their reading book out of their bag and place it in the correct box, so we know what books need to be changed.

• Please ensure that you try to read with your child every night, we will try to change reading books every day, however at times this may not be possible. Please bear with us if your child’s book is not changed in school that day, it will be changed as soon as possible.

• PE is on a Monday and a Tuesday. Children are asked to leave their PE kits in school every week and only take them home at the end of a half term.


Crosby Beach

Wind in the Willows

Our topic last half term was called Wind in the Willows. Within our English lessons, we have been reading the story of Wind in the Willows and looking in detail at some of the main characters. We enjoyed acting the story out, and even received a video from Lancashire Constabulary asking us to write a character description to help find Mr Toad! We then went on to change the ending of the story and add in our own little twist.

In our theme lessons we have been learning about what all living things do, inducing creating our own food chains. We have also designed and created some owl hand puppets, we used these to help us read our stories to some reception children. The younger children were really impressed with our feathery friends!

To finish off our theme, we were also visited by Gareth and his owls. We enjoyed learning all about these amazing creatures and watching them silently fly across the hall!


Creating our own salad

Recently we have been learning about the different food categories. We researched a range of different fruit and vegetable salads and looked closely at their packaging and how they were presented. After that we created a design criteria as a class; we decided that we wanted our salads to be healthy, look appealing, have bite sized pieces and include a variety of tastes and textures. Once we had tasted and evaluated some different fruit and vegetables, we designed and made our salads. We learnt different types of grips when cutting our food (the claw grip and the bridge), as well as the importance of hygiene when cooking.

Fun on the Farm

Our class have recently visited Green Slate Farm as part of our "Farm Shop" topic. We began the day with an exciting plant workshop, where we learnt about the different parts of the plant and what they're used for. We were then given the opportunity to handle and feed a variety of animals on the farm, our favourite animals were the cheeky pigs! After a tasty picnic lunch, we explored a range of fruit and vegetables using our five senses and took part in a quiz on the different types of food. To round the day off nicely we then looked at pictures by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and used some of the fruit and vegetables to create portraits of our teachers in the same style.

Drawing the chicks

We have been practising our drawing skills using a range of media. Last week we put those skills to the test and used charcoal to sketch the chicks. Luckily they were very well behaved and made fantastic models for us!

Class Governor visit

On Monday we were very lucky to be visited by our class governor, Mrs Edgington. During the visit Mrs Edgington helped us to make some fantastic Easter cards, before enjoying some biscuits and milk whilst we asked her some interesting questions about her job. Thank you for a lovely afternoon!

Mobile Farm

Our new topic this half term is 'The Farm Shop'. To kick off our learning for this half term, we visited the mobile farm and practised taking pictures with the Ipads. We also thought of some very thoughtful and interesting questions to ask the farmers. What a great way to begin our new theme.


This half term we have been learning all about famous explorers. In our history lessons we have been learning about some famous explorers from the past, such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus; we have also enjoyed looking at Tim Peake who is exploring space right now! During our geography lessons we have been comparing where we live, with Nairobi (Kenya's capital city). Towards the end of our topic we were amazed when we received a challenge from Tim Peake himself, he explained that he needed us to create a space buggy that he could use to explore space even further. As a result of this, we decided to design, create, test and evaluate our own space vehicles in our DT lessons. What a busy half term!

Telling the time

We have been practising telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Some of us are even moving onto digital times too!

The Highway Rat

We have enjoyed looking at stories written by the author Julia Donaldson. We have been focusing on the story 'The Highway Rat'. After interviewing the rat, exploring the characters in the story, retelling the story and writing a character description we then went on to write our own ending.

Non-Chronological Reports

Writing our own non-chronological reports on space has been very interesting. To begin the topic we have looked at a range of non-fiction books in the library. We then used some non-fiction books and the Ipads to research different areas of space that we were interested in. After that, we put all of the facts and information that we had learnt into a detailed report. Once our reports are complete we will be creating a class book to keep in our reading area.



This week we have been concentrating on 3D shapes. On Wednesday we learnt that 3 dimensional shapes are made up of lots of 2 dimensional shapes.

Computing lessons
In our computing lessons we have been looking at different ways of collecting and sorting information about animals. We enjoyed creating our own branching database in pairs and then using some of the questions to make our own sorting game on the computer. The computer is very clever, it correctly guessed our animal every time!

Y1 & Y2 Gujarat Hindu Society Trip

Year 1 and Year 2 really enjoyed visiting a Hindu Temple. It was a great experience. Click HERE to see the pictures!

Space Explorers

Joining year 5 for the mobile planetarium experience was great fun. We learnt all about astronauts and what happens to them when they explore in space. We then took part in an interesting session looking at life on different planets. Now we are itching to start learning about other explorers such as Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake!


Christmas in Year 2!

This Christmas Year 2 have been up to lots of exciting things. We have had a very special visitor in our classroom, his name was Christopher Pop In Kins and he was very mischievous. We have also enjoyed singing in the Christmas Nativity, danced and had lots of fun at our Christmas party with all our friends and have even been little entrepreneurs, making things for our Christmas enterprise.


Nurse Visit

On Friday we had a special nurse coming in to visit us. She taught us all about healthy eating, keeping clean and the importance of exercise. Nurse Michelle also told us about her job in the hospital and about the equipment she uses. To finish off the session, we all became doctors and nurses and helped to clean and dress some pretend cuts and injuries.

Tales with a Twist

During our English lessons we have been learning all about tales with a twist. So far we have read ‘Prince Cinders’, ‘Honestly Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!’ and ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’. This week we have been exploring some of the characters from the texts. We now know that the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood was misunderstood because he thought Granny and Little Red were crunchy apples. We are now concentrating on writing our own tale called ‘The Three Big Bad Pigs and the Little Wolf’.

Keeping Clean

In our Theme lessons our new topic is ‘Fighting Fit’. So far we have enjoyed learning all about how to keep our bodies and teeth clean. As we are experts in writing instructions, we wrote some instructions on how to clean your teeth. In our computing lessons we will also be creating and presenting an exciting poster for some Reception children, teaching them how to wash their hands properly.

Fire Safety

Last week we had a visit from the fire brigade. We learnt all about how to keep safe in our homes and were shown how to make our very own fire plan. Some children were then chosen to act out a real life fire scenario in a house. Luckily fire-fighters Hollie and Ajay were there to save the day and put out the fire!

Bonfire night

We have enjoyed learning all about Bonfire night in year 2. Recently we have read some stories and answered questions on Bonfire night, we learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot and were shocked to hear about the plan Guy Fawkes had to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We have also been getting arty and creating some lovely firework pictures and have even invited the Fire Brigade in to talk to us about fire safety.

Writing instructions

We have had a busy couple of weeks in year two! In our English lessons we have begun looking at different types of instructions and their features. We now know that when we write instructions we need to include a title, sub headings, time words, imperative verbs (bossy verbs), adverbs and a picture or photograph. To help us with our instruction writing we had a special visit from Mikey the monkey. However there was one problem… he was in his underwear and socks! Our challenge was to write some instructions in the correct order to help Mikey get changed for PE.

Since then we have also written instructions for making rock cakes during our World War Two themed week. Luckily our instructions worked and they tasted delicious!


World War Two

This week we have been learning about World War Two, our focus has been ‘The Home Front’. We have looked at the importance of poppies and created our own poppies, learnt the meaning behind the white poppy, designed some persuasive posters on ‘Busy Things’ to convince soldiers to join the army, written a letter as a child in the war, created a timeline of the events in WW2 and  written an acrostic remembrance poem.

To finish off the week we wrote instructions for making rock cakes (a treat that lots of children in WW2 used to eat).  In our maths lesson we measured the ingredients very carefully and worked as a group to mix them together. What a lovely end to a busy week!

Walk around our local area
Last Thursday we went on an exciting walk around our local area.
We talked about some of the things we like about the area and some things which we want to improve. After that we tested, evaluated and drew a birds eye view of the local park before finally designing a new park for Skelmersdale. What great fun!




Using and applying in maths 
We have been enjoying lots of different problem solving activities. One of our favorite problem solving activities was trying to add two numbers on some dice together to make the greatest number possible. After that some of us were challenged with trying to figure out the relationship between opposite sides of a die. Eventually we worked out that opposite sides of a die add up to 7. Well done year 2!



Pirate Stories
Recently we have enjoyed looking at two different pirate stories. So far we have read ‘The Night Pirates’ and ‘A New Home for a Pirate’. We have enjoyed acting out both of the stories using role play and puppets. At the beginning of the week we also had a special pirate visitor…Jed’s mum (a character from the book); we asked her lots of questions about herself and then did some writing about characters feelings. It was a bit strange; she looked a little like Mrs McVeigh!




Exploring the Ipads
Last Friday we had lots of fun exploring the ipads and trying out some of the Apps. We cannot wait to start using them on a regular basis. 



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