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Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 Class 2015-2016
Year 4 Class 2015-2016

Welcome to Year 4! Our teacher is Miss Ratchford and our teaching assistant is Mrs Bissette. There are 17 children in our class. 

We do PE on a Monday and are very excited to begin swimming on Fridays so children need to make sure they have their kits in school.

Our theme this half term is ‘The Art of Food’. We are looking forward to learning all about teeth and digestion in science (keep an eye out for some of our experiments!) In Art we are going to design our own still life paintings and in music are learning to play the glockenspiel, focussing on music for special occasions.

We are encouraging the children to read at home as much as possible. If parents could leave a comment in their reading records when they have read this would be very much appreciated.
We hope you enjoy following our learning journeys.


Wasps Nest

With our theme being 'Hunted' we have looked at some habitats. We cut into a wasps nest to investigate.

Harper Roots

We have had such a fantastic day with Harper Roots. Both Year 4 and Year 6 had the chance to work with the band. Check out the pictures to see what we got up to!


Today in year 4 we did a science experiment to see if air had weight because we are learning about gases. We weighed inflated and uninflated balloons using scales and made our own balancing scales using hangers and string.

Y3 & Y4 Buddhist Temple and Museum Trip
Year 3 and Year 4 visited the Vajravarahi Kadampa Buddhist temple and the Lancashire Museum, click here to see what they got up to!



Today Year 4 have been celebrating the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi. We learned about the story of the Guru and the five beloved and wrote some of our own stories. We also drew the Sikh symbol and crushed saffron to make a yellow paint. Take a look at some of our photos

The Art of Food

As part of our theme - the Art of Food, we took a trip to West Lancashire College. Chef Numberz taught us about food hygiene, the different chopping boards for certain foods and showed us how to make our own custard tarts. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed eating them when we got back to school!

Creative Maths

Science - Digestion

Year 4 had a 'poo' time learning about digestion. We learned all about how our digestive organs work to send food on its journey through our bodies to make energy. First we cut up a banana and weetabix to represent how we chew our food. We added water because we produce saliva when we eat.

We know that food is then swallowed and is pushed down the oesophagus (food pipe). From there it goes to the stomach (food bag). The muscles then squish and squeeze the food mixed with acid to break the food down. From there the food begins its journey through the small intestine(the tights) Where all of the nutrients are sorted and sent to where needed in the body. The large intestine then transports the waste that our bodies no longer needs and we are left with poo!

This was our favourite experiment have a look at the fun we had!

Science – Teeth

In Year 4 as part of our theme about teeth and digestion we did an experiment to see how clean our teeth actually are and if we were cleaning them properly.

We cleaned our teeth before we chewed the tablet. We were hoping to see no stains on our teeth, this means there wasn’t any plaque and we did a good job cleaning them. If they went red it meant we had missed some plaque in the last few brushes. However we dreaded it turning blue! This meant that you have plaque on your teeth which is days old.

Take a look at our pictures.

Did you know it should take you about two minutes to make them squeaky clean?

Persuasive Writing

We are learning about persuasive writing in English. To help us to write an argument using point and evidence Miss Ratchford told us to think of a burger. Each part of the burger represents something you need to include in your paragraph.

The bottom part of the bun is the introduction because you ALWAYS need it. Then the meaty part, which you want to get your teeth in to, represents your main point for that paragraph. Followed by the essential, healthy salad, which is the example to back up your main point. Any sauce such as ketchup which you require will be added next. This is any background information which will further help to compliment your main point. Last but by no means least; you need the top bun, the most important part to finish off your burger. The conclusion is the lasting impression on the reader or audience. Then you are ready to enjoy!

*Important note*
You can repeat the meaty bit, salad and sauce for each additional paragraph you write!

Remember when writing in paragraphs to think of a burger! 

Here are some examples of our writing: Ellis  -  Marta  -  Linda

Hour of Code

Year 4 have enjoyed taking part in an ‘hour of code’, we played coding games where we had to program the characters to complete different levels. We are looking forward to learning all about SCRATCH this term to improve our coding skills.

Christmas Elf

Over Christmas we were visited by one of Santa’s elves. We named him Robert. Take a look at some of the mischievous things he got up to during his short time with us.

Christmas Enterprise

For our Christmas enterprise we decided to write some poems. We watched the film Inside Out and loved the idea of Memory Marbles. We sold bags of marbles with our poems attached to encourage families to make new Christmas memories together.

Our elf Robert told us about his favourite snack – Elf Doughnuts. We tasted some and thought they were delicious. Carefully, we covered some with chocolate and some with icing sugar.
We also had a name the teddy game where you could win a snowman or a reindeer.

Tape the Teacher was our favourite part though. First of all we taped Miss Bissette and then we taped Mr Mather to the wall using Duct Tape. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to sell enough tape to hold him up and when the chair was removed Mr Mather fell to the floor.

Autumn Term

Year 4 have been very busy so far this term. During remembrance week we learned all about Pearl Harbor, how it all started and wrote some fantastic war poems based on the poem ‘In Flanders Fields.’ We also had to endure some military fitness drills during a PE lesson. Some of the drills were very difficult!


We are working towards a whole class reward by being class detectives. At the beginning of the day Miss Ratchford chooses a lolly stick from the pot. This person is our class detective for the day. If we are successful in following instructions and working hard then at the end of the day we get to add another glass token to our jar. Our aim is to fill the jar. Take a look at some of our stealthy detectives so far!

Anti-Bullying Week 2015

This week we have focused on Anti-bullying and Cyber bullying. We have designed some posters to inform people of what they can do if they are affected. In computing we made our own movie trailers about cyber-bullying. Take a look below.

Discovery Centre Trip

On Thursday 19th November we went on our trip to the Discovery Centre in Liverpool. Check out our photos – we had so much fun!


In Music we have been learning how to play the Glockenspiel. We have started to learn to play ‘Happy Birthday’. 


In Science we have been learning about electricity. So far we have thought about the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe. We have been making complete circuits to make a bulb light up. We were given a challenge to see if we could make a bulb light up using only tin-foil, a bulb and a battery. We did it!

Museum Trip

Year 4 went on their science trip last week to the Museum of Science and Industry. We really enjoyed the circuit city lesson and getting to try out lots of different experiments. Take a look at our photos to see some of the things we did.


In Science we have been learning about electricity. So far we have thought about the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe. We have been making complete circuits to make a bulb light up.

We were given a challenge to see if we could make a bulb light up using only tin-foil, a bulb and a battery. We did it!


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