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Delph Side Community Primary School

Enjoy, Embrace, Evolve - "We Make the Difference!"

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!  Our teachers are Mrs Ormerod (Mrs O!) and Mrs Burton and our teaching assistants are Mr Mather and Miss Caldwell.  There are 19 children in our class and we enjoy learning in all areas of the Curriculum.  We work hard on being resilient and resourceful learners, keen to do our very best and love to learn.  You can see an overview of what we learn in our class by looking at the Curriculum section of our school website:

Below are some of the exciting things we've been getting up to in class :)  


Year 5 Class 2015-2016
Year 5 Class 2015-2016

Print Blocks

Creating our own print blocks to create an Amazon effect!

Year 5 imagining they are in the Amazon!

Using pastels and watercolour pencils to explore jungle shapes.

Dissecting Flowers

Learning about the reproductive parts of a flower - dissection!

Year 5 hit the Amazon!

In the words of one of our children "A trip of a lifetime!"

Saving the Rainforest!

We are passionate about saving the raiforest in Year 5. We are practising using modal verbs for 'certainty' to power our message home!

One of our persuasive speeches!


During DT we designed a tool belt to be used for a particular person for our Amazon Adventure topic.

A Special Visitor to Year 5! Our Class Governor Jane Whalen

Investigating and creating moving toys!

The Islamic Golden Age gave us many wondrous inventions - including rotary to linear movement!

Life Saving Skills - The Recovery Position

The Islamic Golden Age

Our key questions ready to go! Islamic Golden Age here we come!


The Islamic Golden Age - Where is Iraq in the world?

We've had a fascinating morning learning about Iraq, where it is in the world and what we imagine it to look like from the news. Wow, we couldn't have been more wrong! Then we ended our session hypothesizing about Baghdad AD900. We can't wait to start finding out if we were right!

John Williams 

Exploring the works of John Williams and how his music makes us feel - a legend!

Safer Internet Day

Year 5 have been thinking about how to make the internet a safer place. Firstly, we discussed what an amazing place the world wide web is and celebrated all the different ways we use and enjoy it. Then we looked at some of the down sides of living in a digital age and thought about how we would feel if we received certain messages.

We created rules to add to the digital Magna Carta and ranked them in order of importance. To finish off the afternoon we created pic collage posters to make others aware of how to stay safe online.


Wow, Year 5!!!! Possibly a 'new' ninth planet!!


Planetarium Recounts

Using the 'Explain Everything' app, we have presented our recounts of our planetarium!


In our French lessons we have been focusing on speaking. We have learnt a simple role-play about building a snowman incorporating some of our new vocabulary. We also played a game by using the numbers on a dice to build a snowman - A snowman drive!


A very quick brainstorm of our favourite new facts from the planetarium.



The day we blasted off into space! Year 5 and Year 2 enjoyed a trip into the planetarium.
Year 5 looked at the night sky and sunrise above our school, the phases of the moon, visited all the different planets, learnt what it takes to be an astronomer AND, with Year 2, we experienced life as an astronaut and thought about whether we really are 'alone' in our universe!

Space Limericks


Cosmic Classroom

We've registered! You never know, we might be one of the lucky schools selected to speak LIVE to Tim Peake on the International Space Station....fingers crossed!



Science - Chemical Reactions

Adapting the recipe



Year 5 have been looking at translating 2d shapes to create tiling patterns. It is harder Han it looks!

Georgia's Poppies

Learning about the work of artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We have used her work as a model to learn to shade and add tone to our poppies using pencil crayons.

Visit to a mosque and church in Preston

On Wednesday 4th November, Year 5 and 6 visited a mosque and St Stephen's church in Preston. We had a fantastic day finding out about the similarities and differences between the two religions. The day enriched our R.E. Learning for the term as both classes have been studying Islam and moving onto Christianity this half term. We listened to the Iman talking about his faith and how Muslim people worship and celebrate. He demonstrated how Muslim people cleanse themselves before worship and some of us had a go. In the church we had a guided tour and one of the members of the congregation spoke to us about her beliefs as a Christian. It has been fantastic opportunity for our pupils to develop their understanding of ours and their British values.


Legend Front Covers

Having written some of the best legends in this land, we designed our front covers to really bring them to life!

Legend Writing

As part of our work on Legend writing in English lessons, here are some Year 5 writing letters to their Mum, as if they were the mighty Beowulf!


Investigating 3-D shapes.


Using Digimaps to learn and investigate OS map symbols - we compared Garstang and Liverpool


The first Hot Spot attendance winner!


Persuasive Presentations

Year 5 have researched different counties in the UK and written persuasive presentations to encourage you to visit! Here is a selection.







Foreign Languages

In our French lessons we are learning the body parts. We have been playing snakes and ladders with added body parts to help us!


Using the Ipad to visit our favourite landmarks in the UK!


Year 5 on a Google Earth treasure hunt across the UK



Year 5 have been using scratch to create algorithms.


Guided Reading to start the morning!


Roald Dahl Day - Chocolate Fun!

Year 5 imaging how it must have felt to be Charlie Bucket finding his Golden ticket! We then wrote our own recounts.

Joel was the lucky winner of the chocolate in our class!

A Kingdom United!

Year 5 have been learning the national anthem as part of our 'A Kingdom United', it makes us feel very proud and have a sense of belonging.

Our masterpiece! Adding an accompaniment to our National Anthem. We recored it on an iPad and were able to play it back to ourselves on our whiteboard, it really made us smile!



Thank you for visiting our class page.



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