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Delph Side Community Primary School

Enjoy, Embrace, Evolve - "We Make the Difference!"

Welcome to Reception

Meet the team


Our teacher is Mr Fyne and our teaching assistants are Mrs Dickson, Mrs Keegan and Miss O'Hare.


Welcome to the Summer term in Reception.

This half term our theme is "Once upon a time". The children will be reading different traditional tales and enjoy learning activities linked to the stories. We are hoping for some amazing writing linked to our stories.  Check out all the great learning opportunities here on our class page and on Facebook.  We are happy to work with the needs and interests of the children so things can often change!! 


As a team we value your contribution to your child’s learning and would love to hear about any achievements you have witnessed at home. Please share with us any photographs, pictures, stories and work that your child is proud of so we can be proud of them too!  We will send home "Little Star" vouchers so you can share with us.



Each child has their own space on our " Wonder/Wow Wall" to display their learning. Please send in a family photograph to display on their wall


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Notice for parents


  •  PE will take place on a Monday and/or Friday so please ensure your child has the correct kit with their name clearly marked. Please send in pumps or trainers so they children can enjoy outdoor PE.
  • Snack is £1 a week and is payable each Monday. 
  • Please send in reading books each day in your child's reading folder.


Healthy Day

On Wednesday 19th July we held a Healthy Day at Delph Side. We enjoyed outdoor games led by Year 4 but certainly found it challenging to hit the ball using the rounders bat!!! We tasted different muffins from Mellors, our school caterers, and they had some unusual fillings, including peppers!!! At the end of the day we tasted different smoothies which helped to cool us down after a sunny day!

Multi Cultural Day

On Multi Cultural Day our focus was on France. The children looked at a World Map to locate France and learnt about France, including the food eaten. The children tasted some different food from France, including chocolate brioche, croissants, baguettes and some children were brave enough to try French Brie and Camembert cheese. The children were introduced to the artist, Henri Matisse and worked in his style, "painting with scissors".

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Playdough Aliens, Shape Aliens and more

Our alien theme has continued this week. The children have enjoyed being creative and making aliens out of Knex and playdough. In Maths we were set a challenge to make an alien out of shapes and we also worked with our Maths partners to find different ways to make numbers. We also investigated how to make the bulb light by using a battery, crocodile clips and a bulb.

Outdoor Learning in Reception

We have made the most of the good weather in Reception and loved learning outdoors. The children have loved being creative and making up their own dances to music and then recording themselves using the iPads and watching their videos back. So much great learning has taken place outdoors this week. We even had our PE lesson outside and worked on improving our relay skills.

Sports Day

Check out all the photos from the Reception and Nursery Sports Day.


Making Space Rockets

This week we had a challenge to design and make our own space rocket. We looked at different space rockets and then choose which resources we would like to use and designed our rocket. We then made our models using junk and were able to paint it and add different features using creative resources. We also enjoyed some Nursery children visiting the classroom as part of their transition to Reception.

Augmented Reality

The children experienced Augmented Reality by using the app Quiver. They coloured in pictures and then scanned the QR codes in the app to bring their pictures to life. There were lots of amazed faces as their pictures came to life!

Maths Mastery

On a stifling hot afternoon in Reception the children learnt about shapes and were challenged to use matchsticks to make different shapes. The children are enjoying this new way of working and learning how to work in partners, teach each other and talk about what they are doing. 

Green Day

On Tuesday 13th June we held a Green Day in school to raise an awareness of ECO. We talked about how we travel to school and made a pictogram. We talked about which ways we more eco friendly. We learnt how to be more eco friendly and went to pick up litter around the school grounds and filled up 3 bags!

Summer 2

Strange goings on at Delphside

Reception children found a crash scene in class after half term and had to invesigate and write about what they think had happened. The children were sure it had come from Space. They enjoyed writing about aliens, painting and aliens and using Tiny Alienmaker app to design their own aliens. They then used Busy Publisher/Busy Paint to draw and write about aliens on the computers.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

We were set a measuring challenge by the giant and had to find objects longer and shorter than one of his footprints. A highlight of the week was tasting different beans. Baked beans was by far the favourite!! We were not all keen to taste the green beans, black eyed beans, kidney beans or butter beans! Finally on Friday we wrote the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we read the story of Jasper's Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk. We planted our own bean seeds and will see who can grow the tallest beanstalk. We also enjoyed weeding the planter in our outside area so we can plant outside.

The Three Little Pigs

Another action packed week in Reception. We received a letter from Mrs Penny Pig asking us to help as she had not pictures of the Three Little Pigs. We explored mixing powder paint to make pink. In Maths we learnt about 2D shape and enjoyed making shape pictures and exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We also learnt about halving and sharing.

Outdoor PE on the field

Reception loved their first outdoor PE lesson the field. They enjoyed some team games, throwing and catching and then some running practice. Check out some of the great action shots.

Outdoor PE and ICT

On Friday we used Busy Paint on the computers to draw pictures and write about the Three Little Pigs story. In the afternoon we had PE. We really enjoyed going outdoors and having some running races.

The Three Little Pigs

This week we have been reading the story of the Three Little Pigs. A big attraction has been our Three Little Pigs construction site roleplay area and the children have enjoyed working together to build different houses. We were also set a challenge to build a house out of sticks. We have made the most of the great weather and lots of learning has taken place outside. Indoors we continue to work hard to improve our reading, writing and maths skills.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We received a letter from Baby Bear asking for our help. He wanted to find the girl that had been in his house. We made Wanted Poster on Busy Publisher in Busy Things(Check out some of our posters). We have also enjoyed working together to complete a hard jigsaw puzzle from the story.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have enjoyed activities linked to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We explored capacity by playing with porridge in the Tuff Spot. Another challenge was to make Baby Bear a chair out of cubes.

Summer 1

The week in Reception started with a crime scene. We had to find the clues to who had been in our house. The children wrote down the clues and worked out it was Goldilocks. We have enjoyed reading the story of Goldilocks, tasting porridge and writing a breakfast menu for Baby Bear. We have also been working so hard with our writing and each morning we are working on our letter formation, spelling words and writing sentences.

Spring 2

Mother's Day

We enjoyed making biscuits for our Mother's Day tea party.

We had a great time with the chicks

Here are a few more photos of Reception enjoying the chicks. We were so sad to see them go!

So many learning opportunities with the chicks.

What a great start to the week it has been in Reception as the children become more confident to handle the chicks. There has been so much going on - observational drawings of the chicks, making brooder boxes and models for them to try out, trying to keep them in the scales long enough to make them balance and also thinking of names for them. Some parents and younger siblings even enjoyed coming in to meet the chicks.

Meeting the chicks

We were finally able to meet our chicks on Friday after 8 hatched. We can't wait to handle them next week and see what activities they will join us with.

Sweet Dreams

As part of our Jigsaw work on Keeping Healthy we learnt about the importance of getting a goodnights sleep. We talked about bedtime routines and what time we go to bed. We listened to lullabies, had a bedtime story while enjoying hot chocolate and marhsmallows.

Mud Kitchen and more....

The mud kitchen has been a hit this week as children have enjoyed making creations out of soil and water. There was so much collaboration, discussion and sharing as the children explored together. There has also been a great interest in writing this week and it is great to see the children using their phonics to help spell words. We have been talking about healthy and unhealthy food and in our Jigsaw lesson Mr Fyne made a sandwich with chocolate, biscuits, sweet and coke! Luckily Mrs Dickson took it of him as we knew it was unhealthy!!

Pancake Day

We enjoyed trying different toppings on pancakes on Pancake Day. We had to choose which one we liked best. We also read the story of Mr Wolf's pancakes.

World Book Day

What an amazing day World Book Day has been. We have listened to so many different stories read by the teachers, our reading buddies from Year 4 and librarians. We really enjoyed our visit to Skelmersdale library and we now all have library cards and have borrowed books. We loved looking at all the different books in the library. A highlight of the day was watching the Gruffalo while drinking hot chocolate!! We also all took home our World Book Day book.

World Maths Day

Reception children have enjoyed their Maths days activities. One challenge involved recognising numbers written on bananas and putting the bananas in order. We then had lots of challenges using Smarties and we were allowed to eat them!!! Our challenges including sorting the Smarties, making patterns, making shapes, counting and using the Smarties to help us add and take away. It was great fun!!

It has been a fascinating week in Reception as we followed the children's interests and have been learning all about sharks. The children had lots of questions that they wanted answers to. We have enjoyed reading shark non fiction books and finding out the answers on the Internet. We have had lots of super writing about sharks. The children have loved exploring the new areas in our classroom, particularly our new cafe roleplay area and out construction area. We also enjoyed a PE lesson with Jack.

Chill Factore

On Thursday 2nd February we went to the Chill Factore. The children had a great time experiencing snow for the first time and had to brave the minus 3 conditions. This did not bother the children as they enjoyed zooming down the hill in the tyres, exploring the maze, making snow angels and playing in the snow. They got to experience what it would be like for a penguin living in Antarctica.

The cold weather has not put off Reception investigating the different ice creations that Elsa sent and how to get the toys out of the ice. There was lots of collaboration between the children to work out how to get the ice to melt. In Maths we have been working hard to be able to recognise and count numbers. By the end of Reception it is hoped that children recognise numbers to 20 and count out that number of objects correctly. We have also been working hard to learn the names of 2D shapes and talk about their properties. We had a visitor arrive from Antarctica who needed our help. We have been learning all about Penguins and watching lots of videos.

Jigsaw Challenges

For our first Jigsaw lesson of our new topic, Dreams and Goals, we were set some challenges. We had to try to build a tower our of playing cards and out of marhsmallows and spaghetti. We also had to sort the beads from the sequins with our eyes closed. We talked about how sometimes we come across things that are hard and the importance of showing resilience and not giving up!

Being creative

We have had lots of opportunities to be creative this week. We painted a snowman after mixing shaving foam and glue!! We also learnt how to fold a circle into halves and quarters and then cut snips in the paper to make snowflakes and cut out Frozen masks. Check out all the snowmen that we have made out of playdough.

Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever hit Reception this week as we watched the Frozen movie. Children have learnt about the different characters and had a writing activity to label the characters. Children have enjoyed roleplay of Frozen and exploring our Frozen themed Tuff Spot. We had a challenge to make our own snow out of baking powder and shaving foam!(Have a go at home) Building with the blocks has also been very popular. We are also working hard on our handwriting to make sure we form our letters correctly.

Reception children have settled quickly back into school and enjoyed exploring all the new activities in the classroom. We have started our Winter/Polar Explorers theme and children have had the opportunity to draw and label a snowman, make a snowman out of playdough and both draw a snowman out of chalk and on the computer. We also learnt an icicles dance in PE. We are working hard on our maths to be able to recognise and count out objects to 10 and add together 2 numbers. Some children enjoyed Active Maths lessons in the hall.

Autumn 2

It has been such a busy time over the last 2 weeks. We enjoyed making items to sell at the Christmas Fayre and some children went to the Concourse, in Nativity costumes, to sell raffle tickets for the Chocolate Mountain. We also performed our Nativity to parents and enjoyed a Christmas party. Our elf, Snow, has been so naughty. He had a bath in the water tray, had a wee in the toilet(it was green!) and made a mess with all the toys. He even came to the pantomine with us. We had a surprise when Snow did not turn up one morning but Trixie, Candy and Robyn did!!

What an exciting week it has been in Reception. Our elf, Snow, has been up to lots of mischief so we have sent letters to Santa to tell him. We celebrated the opening of our new library with a retelling of the Gruffalo and being able to take our first book out of the library. On Friday we joined in the Hour of Code and explored programming apps Kodable and Lego Fix the Factory as well as activities on Busy Things. 

Christmas has arrived in Reception. Children have loved helping Santa in his workshop and wrapping presents. We also had a very special delivery from the North Pole - our class elf. We have called him Snow. We also have an Advent book tree and are opening a new present each day and sharing the book.

Reception are loving using the apparatus in P.E The ropes are particularly popular. The children are becoming more confident with their travelling and jumping.

Parents were invited in for a Come and Read session. We all enjoying sharing books together.

Reception children enjoyed their Cinderella Day. They made pizzas for the banquet and enjoyed dancing in the hall at the ball. When the clock struck midnight some girls lost their shoes!! Luckily the boys were able to find their princesses. In the afternoon the children enjoyed pizza and cake as their banquet!

This week we have been reading the story of Cinderella. The children have loved dressing up and acting out the story. We were set a challenge by the Fairy Godmother to find out what would make the best bubbly potion. We carried out a science experiment and tested chocolate milk, water, apple juice and coke. Ask us about this! A highlight of the week was our first gymnastics lesson and being introduced to the different apparatus. The ropes were a particular favourite!

We had a great time at Underwater Street. We had lots of fun exploring the different activities and making bath bombs, magnets and slime. A highlight of the day was the science show with enormous bubbles, an erupting volcano and an exploding rocket. 

Autumn 1

It was a spooky end to half term with our Halloween day. There were some great costumes! We enjoyed exploring the 'blood' in the water tray, which even had eyeballs and fingers in! We also investigated the inside of a pumpkin and some of us were brave enough to taste it! We also made some ghostly treats out of bananas and strawberries. We are learning to write sentences and had to write about what we were dressed up as.

During Remembrance week we learnt about why we wear poppies. We learnt how to mix powder paints to paint a picture of Flanders Fields and then used our fingers to fingerprint poppies. We also used 2 Simple Paint on the computers to paint Flanders Fields. We read the story, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge, as a way of exploring children’s understanding of memories. The boy in the story helped an old lady recover her memory by bringing in a medal, which helped her remember about her brother who never returned from the war. This led to a discussion about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. We then talked about our memories.

On Tuesday 25th October it was the first Reception Stay and Play. There was a fantastic turn out from parents  and grandparents who came to join us in class. As well as exploring all the different activities indoors and outdoors, there was also some poppy crafts and painting linked to our Remembrance themed work.

Reception enjoyed learning about Autumn and going on an Autumn walk around the school grounds. We collected leaves which we will be using for leaf printing.

It has been another action packed week in Reception. Our story this week has been the Little Red Hen. We have retold the story through roleplay and also had to write a list of what the Little Red Hen could have with her bread. We are hoping the Little Red Hen may visit on Friday, so watch this space!!!! We have had lots of challenges to complete in class and are working hard on our number recognition and counting. We have also learnt 3 more sounds and are learning how to form our letters correctly. 

This week we have been reading We're going on Bear Hunt and retold the story by making a collage story map and then drawing our own story map. One of the children even retold the story to the class! We have been also working on our letter formation, number recognition and counting. In Music we have been learning new songs and got to use the instruments.

This week we read Funnybones and made skeletons out of straws. We also learnt the dance 'Dem Bones' We also talked about what makes us happy and cross in our Jigsaw lessons

Reception are settling really well into school. This week we have made the most of the good weather outdoors and have been learning how to use our mud kitchen(just water so far!!). The children have loved using their imagination and can't wait till they can use the mud! You can also see us doing some Cosmic Yoga and going on a journey to space

Reception have enjoyed their first full week in school trying out new activities and enjoying the warm weather in the outside area. The children were so excited to change into their PE kit for their first PE lesson.

What a wonderful first week we have in Reception. The children have loved exploring the different activities, both indoors and outdoors. They have also met their Year 6 buddies.

 A big welcome to all our new Reception children as they start school in Reception. The children are enjoying making new friends and exploring both indoors and outdoors. They have also started to learn how to use our new snack station.




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