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Delph Side Community Primary School

Enjoy, Embrace, Evolve - "We Make the Difference!"

Welcome to Year 1!

 Welcome to Year 1! Our teacher is Miss Breckell and our teaching assistants are Mrs Smith and Miss Barnes. Mrs Dickson is also working with us some mornings and afternoons. There are 30 enthusiastic children in our class and we excited to be in Year 1 and learn new things.

 General information

  • We have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but should always have our kit in school.
  • We need to read at home every night. It is important that children are able to talk about the book that they have read and can answer questions about the story. They are likely to need to read a book a number of times. Children need to book their books into the book basket at the start of school each day so we are able to change their books. When we have read at home 25 times we receive a sticker on our bookmarks and a book prize in gathering.
  • We also need to practice our key words so that we are able to both read them and spell them. 
  • At play time we can either bring in our own healthy snack or you may choose to pay 20p per day to choose a snack from our snack trolley(or pay £1 for the whole week)
  • Water bottles can also be brought into class in a plastic bottle that is clearly labelled with a name and will be freely accessible throughout the day.

FA Skills and Augmented Reality

Year 1 children enjoyed developing their football skills with an FA coach. They then explored augmented reality by colouring in some pictures and bringing them to life using the apps, Quivervision, Quiver Masks or Quiver Fashion.

Art WOW Day

The children embraced that challenge of creating artwork based on 'People Who Help Us'. They worked in the style of Picasso to produce some great pieces of work. 

World Cup Week 

The children in year 1 enjoyed learning about Australia this week. They learned where it is on the world map and how long it takes to get there. We also looked at created Aboriginal Art like the traditional artwork produced in Australia. Year 1 also enjoyed learning traditional songs and dances that are native to Australia. 

A Royal Celebration

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They also enjoyed eating the very British scones and strawberries ahead of the celebrations. An afternoon of celebrations on the school field followed by an ice cream made for the perfect day. 

Enjoying the 'Great Outdoors'

We took a visit to Haigh Hall to experience some of the great outdoors. We had an outdoor adventure, building dens and making fires. The children really enjoyed creating their own dens, searching for branches and sticks to keep them up and keep them secure. We also then learned some bush craft, learning how to build and light a fire. We all got a go of using a flint to create a spark. The sunny afternoon allowed us to enjoy the great outdoors at its finest as we had a good play at their adventure playground. Both children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the trip and being able to have fun outdoors. 

Making Half

Today the children started our first fractions lesson. We having been looking at making half of shapes. We really enjoyed cutting up the shapes to find half. 


We having been learning to share amounts. Learning that we have to share them equally into groups to ensure we divide successfully. 

Testing Materials

During our Science topic of Materials, the children have been learning about the different types, their properties and what things are made of. To end the topic, the children were set an investigation. 'What material would be best to make a new umbrella for Benny?' The children tested the materials in water to find which one would be best.  

A visit from ZOOLAB!

The children really enjoyed the visit from ZOOLAB. They lady brought some very interesting things for the children to look at. They were amazed at the different animals they saw. Some of the children were very brave and held some of them, while getting the opportunity to ask lots of questions about them. 

Using Maps

This term we have been looking at our locality. From this we have learned about the directions, North, South, West and East. Using an map of our school and our directional language we found a new member of Year 1. Benny had hidden himself in the school for the children to find him. They really enjoyed finding him and can't wait to have him join our class. 

Word Problems

In Maths this week we have started word problems. We have been learning about finding the important information and also what some words mean. We started to work out these problems with counters. 

Library Fun 

The children really enjoy visiting our school library. The can choose books for enjoyment and can discuss why they like the ones they have chosen. 

Tens and Ones

This week the children have been working on the place value of number to 40. We have been learning about partitioning the numbers into tens and ones, understanding the meaning of the numbers. Here we are using base 10 equipment to show the numbers.

Sports Relief

The children took part in 1 mile run around the playground for Sport Relief. They also looked at what our favourite sport is and how it makes us feel. We also created a design for a new PE kit, looking to include the Sports Relief logo. 

Self Portraits 

Year 1 have been working really hard to create our own Self Portraits. We looked at the artist Kathe Kollwitz, a german artsit, who focuses on portraits. We used mirrors to investigate our faces and looked at proportions. We used graphite pencils and charcoal to create our final piece. Our final pieces are on display in the children's section of Skelmersdale Library for everyone to see. 

British Science Week

This week we have been taking part in lots of different Science investigations as part of Science week. We have looked at what 'waterproof' means in order to make a floating boat. We then tested them to see how many counter they could hold. 

Miss James also did an investigation with us about how different liquids react by making Lava lamps. 

Quorn Tasting

Today, a lady from Quorn came to explain to us what it is and where it comes from. She cooked us 3 dishes using the Quorn products and we got to help. We made Paella, Chilli Con Carne and a Pasta Salad. After that we got to taste them and discussed what we liked or didn't like about them. 

Safer Internet Day

During Safer Internet day, we looked at the school website and at all of the children's class pages. We learned that the photos are there because our parents give permission. We also looked at how quick it is to put photos on the website, looking at the importance of making sure the photos are acceptable for others to view. 

Our Outdoor Adventure Day!

Today, Year 1 have taken part in lots of different activities linking to our Science topic, Plants. We have planted some Dahlia seed for our own little gardens, planted beans to grow beanstalks and created artwork with nature. 


We had lots of fun getting a little messy, developing our learning and trying new things. 

Faith Week

Take a look at what we got up to during Faith Week. We have decorated our names which were wrote in Arabic, had a meddle with Indian drumming and learned some new dance moves while learning about new faiths. 

Computing using SeeSaw

We have been learning about Technology and what it means to us. We went on a treasure hunt to find different types of technology we use in school. We used SeeSaw to log our work and add voice overs to explain the items we found. 

Marvelous Maths

Number to 20 is out new topic for this week. We have learned to find 10 out of given amounts to help us count and also looked at how we write the numbers past ten. 


We we have had great fun using egg boxes as tens frames and have found that went they are full we know that it makes 10.

Awesome Artists

We have been learning observational skills in art this week, looking closely at compositions of flowers. This links with the artist, Monet, who is famous for the sunflower paintings. 


We we used a variety of materials to draw the flowers, exploring with their properties. There was some fantastic work produced and we are all very excited for our next art lesson. 

A spring in our step!

Our new topic is 'Growth and Green Fingers' and we will be looking at how plants grow and what they are made up of.


The children have made a great start to the new term by exploring the new areas of our classroom. Our role play area has been transformed into a Garden Centre with plants to buy and sell. We have a new use for our playdough, and are exploring with new scientific vocabulary. We are looking forward to this new term.

Christmas Disco

Here are a few taken at our Christmas Disco. The children has a great time dancing, playing games and even meeting Father Christmas. 

Making Christingles

Year 1 have been making their Christingles ready for the end of term. We learned about what all the features represent and even learnt a song to help us remember. 


Enterprise Week

We have been very busy creating handmade good for this years Christmas Markets. We decided to make Sock Snowmen, Christmas Decorations and 2018 Calendars. 


The children had great fun making the products and documented their work using SeeSaw. 

Hour of Code

The children completed their Hour of Code this term. They used their hour to take part in lots of coding games, using their knowledge that they have learned to complete the activities. 

World War II Theme Week

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed World War 2 themed week with so much great learning taking place. We have learnt about why we wear poppies and enjoyed poppy crafts. Our main theme has been "evacuation" and we learnt about why children were evacuated in World War 2. We had to write a list of what we thought children would pack in their evacuation suitcase and even made our own name tag and gas mask(This was one of the highlights of our week!). We have also been enjoying roleplay in our WW2 bunker. Our PE lesson was even a military themed PE lesson. We showed how much we have learnt about evacuation with some super writing.


In Computing we had to use a wordbank to enter text and then were set a challenge to use the keyboard to type our own words to describe the toys. To have a go at home go to 

Comparing Animals

In Science we have been comparing animals. We thought about what animals eat and learnt about which animals were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We also described and contrasted how different animals move and even had a go at moving like different animals. We learnt some new words - elephants stomp, tortoises plod and eagles soar! Check out the Animals in Action song 

What a busy week in Year 1

We have worked so hard this week in Year 1. We had our first Science lesson as part of our theme "Penguins, Pigs and Possums". We were set a group challenge to sort the different animals and explain how we had done the similarities between the animals. In Literacy we have been looking at the features of non fiction texts and enjoyed reading Who eats who? on the iPads(Oxford Owl is a free site with lots of e-books). In Maths we are working closely with our maths partners to improve our understanding of number bonds. We have also enjoyed using our Clever Touch board, which we have had on a trial!! It has proved very popular!


We are becoming more confident with programming the Bee Bots. We used the Bee Bots app on the iPad and also wrote our own algorithms and then programmed them into the Bee Bots. Some of us were quite competitive and tried to see who could make the longest algorithm!!

Animal Art

We have had a creative week in Year 1 as we experimented using different media to draw the animals that we saw at Blackpool Zoo. We had a choice of using charcoal, pastels, crayons and pencil. We also had a go at modelling using clay to make animal. We used our hands and modelling tools. We will now be able to design our own animals out of clay. We are also enjoying making a zoo out of different construction.

Blackpool Zoo

What an amazing day we had at Blackpool Zoo! The children had a great time and enjoyed seeing so many different animals up close, finding out which continents they came from and learning more about them. The monkeys were a particular favourite along with the penguins. We enjoyed a classroom session looking at animal habitats and how animals survive in different climates. We enjoyed exploring the artefacts, including reindeer horns, Artic fox skin and stroking a real bearded dragon!

Programming the Bee Bots

We had a go at programming the BeeBot. We programmed the BeeBot to move from one place to another making sure we gave it the correct instructions.

We also had a go at being a ‘BeeBot’ and had to follow Mr Fyne’s instructions. We had to listen carefully to make sure we were going in the correct direction. We used forwards and backwards and then the number of steps needed to take. We even had a go at turning left!

Peer Massage

We loved our first session of Peer Massage and learnt how to work with a partner and say if we wanted a massage. We learnt a massage technique that reminded us of a pair of glasses -3  circles and then across the shoulders like the arms of the glasses. We can't wait till next week!

English, Maths and RE

We have been very busy in Year 1. In English we are reading the story of Lost and Found and have written questions to ask the penguins and sequenced pictures to help us retell the story. In Maths we are becoming more confident working with our Maths partners and have looked at counting objects, different ways to represent numbers and recognising number words to 10. In RE Mrs Dickson led us on a nature hunt to find special things.

Learning about the continents and E-Safety

Geography has been the focus of our theme work this week and we are learning to name and locate the continents of the world. We played pin the plane on the continent.

Check out this song to help learn the continents 

In our first Computing lesson in Year 1 we focused on E-Safety and learnt what to do if something unexpected or worrying happens and how to use the minimise icon.

Maths No Problem

We are enjoying our new way of working in Maths. We are learning to work with our Maths partners to solve problems before we work in our workbooks.

Our first week in Year 1

We have settled quickly into Year 1 and are enjoying exploring our new classroom. We have written our holiday news, worked with our new maths partners to make numbers out of pipe cleaners and enjoyed 2 PE lessons.