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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 2017-2018
Year 3 2017-2018

Our topic this half term is What the Romans did for us? We will be reading Romans of the Rampage as the class novels. We will also be learning how to write Roman based play scripts, as well as non-chronological reports about the Romans. Within this theme we will take part in History, Geography, Art and Design and Music lessons.


During History lessons we will be learning about the Celts and how they were in Britain at the time, we will also look at the times when the Romans invaded and the important people at ruling, including Boudicca, Julius Caesar and Cladius. We will also explore roman mosaics, demonstrate sketching one and make our own using computer software. During Geography lessons we will look at the towns and cities that the Roman took over, we will also be studying the Lake District.


In music lessons, we will be listening to and analysing Italian music.

Plus lots more…… Please check back to see what we get up to along the way.



General information

  • We have PE on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, but should always have our kit in school.
  • It is extremely important that we read at home every night. When we have read at home 25 times we receive a bookmark and a book prize in gathering.
  • We have a pupil of the week award which is announced in gathering and they are given a POW award. Other awards include Magic Maths, Handwriting Hero and Boss Behaviour which are also announced in gathering.
  • At play time we can either bring in our own healthy snack or you may choose to pay 20p per day to choose a snack from our snack trolley.
  • Water bottles can also be brought into class in a plastic bottle that is clearly labelled with a name and will be freely accessible throughout the day.
  • Each week we will bring home times table homework and spellings.
  • Our times table focus in Year 3 is our 4 and 8 times tables.
  • We also need to keep practising ou 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables.


In science lessons we have been exploring the role of the roots in plants. We wanted to prove that water travels up the stem, so we experimented using food colouring and water. We left the flowers over night to find out what happened...

We have also been observing basil plants in different conditions.


We have planted sunflower seeds, over the next week or two we are going to observe what happens and write a dairy each day.

Science - Bee Keeper

Today Year 3 had a visit from Jill who keeps bees. It was really interesting to find out about bees and their work. We explored the bee keeper equipment and even tried some honey! Thank you to Jill for coming to visit us.


We have been enjoying the sun with some art work outside, we attempted to sketch the trees and gardens around school.

Brazilian Foods

Year 3 had fun making Brazilian Biscoitos de Maizena which are Brazilian style sugar cookies. Even though they didn't quite turn out how they should, they still tasted quite nice. They also made Brigadeiro which is a traditional Brazilian fudge dessert, these turned out a little better!

Samba Band

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about Samba band music which is popular music in Brazil. The children worked in groups and using instruments created their own music.


Year 3 using ipads to research the Amazon Rainforest ready for writing a non-chronological report.

PE - Football Skills

This weeks PE lesson had a football focus with the children playing in football teams.

World Cup Week - Brazil

Year 3 have enjoyed learning about Brazil today. They have labelled Brazil on a map along with surrounding countries and oceans. They have also created a fact file about Brazil.

QR Codes

This week Year 3 have been learning how to create QR codes.


In year 3 we have been looking at poetry. In our lessons we have been innovating 'An Old Dry Stone Wall' by Ann Perrin. Today we performed them. We had an amazing time thinking about how we could perform the poems.


Year 3 exploring QR codes in computing lessons. 

French Day

Year 3 have been learning more French. They know the words for French colours and have been trying to read French from little songs and rhymes.


Year 3 love exploring Scratch and programming the characters.

Dogs Trust

Year 3 enjoyed their visit from the Dogs Trust and learned lots about looking after dogs.

Art & Design

We have developed our mosaic designs into a digital mosaics on the computer.

Art and Design

This afternoon we had a go at designing our own Roman mosaics.


Year 3 enjoying a fitness PE lesson.

Ribchester Museum

The rain didn't stop Year 3 having a fun day in Ribchester. We learnt loads about the Romans!


Year 3 have been enjoying working with money in maths, finding amounts and using different coins.

Rugby - Session 3

Here are Year 3 loving their final rugby session!

Rugby - Session 2

Year 3 are really enjoying rugby.  



Year 3 carried out an investigation to find out if all magnets are the same, they tested to see if they had the same strength.


In RE with Mrs Dickson, Year 3 have been talking about and role playing how it would feel to be rescued.


Year 3 carried out a fair test and investigated whether different surfaces effect the movement of a car. They tested to see which surface allowed the car to travel the furthest.


Year 3 loved French Day. Their love for French is growing! You can see the excitement and competitiveness in the videos! Check out the playlist below!

Sport Relief!

As part of Sport Relief, Year 3 took part in a mile run!

DT - Exploring pop-up books

A very excited Year 3 class exploring a range of pop-up books. We looked at the mechanisms that were making the pictures pop up and discussed the purpose of them. They are looking forward to designing and making their own pop up pages.


Hot seating The Iron Man! We asked some very sensible questions.

Art and Design

Experimenting with different gradings of pencil and charcoal to create different effects. Look at the concentration on their faces whilst drawing The Iron Man.

Inspirational Scientist Day

Today the children enjoyed learning about David Attenborough. We found out about his life and achievements, had a go at writing a biography for David and had fun taking part in hot seating. We also watched some clips from his amazing animal programmes.

Biology Day

Today Year 3 planned and created their own healthy eating leaflet. They also had chance to meet Professor Flatulence and found out about digesting food.

Physics/Engineering Maths Day

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making the tallest tower using different resources.  They worked in teams to build towers using spaghetti and marshmallows, blueberries and cocktails sticks and skewer sticks and clay.  Before starting they carried out a prediction, collected results by measuring heights and widths of the towers, creating graphs and answering maths related questions. 

School Council Speeches

Here are Year 3 performing their school council speeches to the class. After the speeches they voted!

Art and Design

This half term our art lessons have involved sketching fossils using different media and techniques. We then went on to develop our drawings into prints using quick print, rollers and paint.


This week Year 3 carried out an investigation into rocks. We tried to find out which rock was the hardest, if the rocks floated or not and how they reacted when an acid (vinegar) was added. We started with a prediction, recorded the results, explained them and wrote a conclusion!

Miss Basford has been teaching Year 3 about the different soil and Earth layers. They had fun using ingredients to create the different layers.


In science we have been exploring different types of rock. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the rocks and record information about their properties.

Faith Week

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about different religions and trying out new activities.


Indian Drumming

Sikh Dancing

Islam Day



In history we used toilet paper as a visual way to show and understand the periods of time going back to the paeliolithic age which was 3,000,000 years ago. We also discussed the ice age, Neolithic age and others. The toilet paper was a way to help us understand that we are talking about a very long time ago.

French Day

During French Day, Year 3 played lots of games, took part in speaking French in pairs and individually and also completed some written tasks in their French books.

Here are some of the things we got up to:

  • Learnt how to say ‘Hi’ (Sault), we played a game with a teddy and practised saying salut to the teddy bear.
  • Played pass the ball which helped us to learn the spelling of different French words.
  • Completed some written tasks in our French books.
  • Learnt about ‘un’ and ‘une’ for feminine and masculine French words, we did this with animals.
  • We built on our conversations by learning to say ‘my name is…’ in French.
  • We learnt classroom instructions and practised following them with Simon says in French.
  • We danced to French music.
  • We tried some French food (brie, camembert and pan au chocolate.)
  • We also learnt to use madame, mademoiselle and monsieur and recognised which to use when.
  • Plus lots more, what a fab day!

Miss Basford has been working with Year 3 to create 3D models of vegetables using paper mache and clay.

Here are the final pieces of the clay vegetables that we made and then painted.


This week we started our new music topic, Rock n Roll. We have enjoyed listening to different songs and artists who have produced rock and roll music over the years. We have been learning about Elvis which the children have found exciting.


We are learning about persuasive letters and we have been practising reading them using intonation and expression. We used the books 'Dear Greenpeace' by Simon James and 'Rumblewick Letters: My Unwilling Witch!' by Hiawyn Oram and Sarah Warbuton.


Year 3 have been learning multiplication and division family facts.


Year 3 have enjoyed tasting foods and identifying which food group they belong to, on the eat well plate. We have also enjoyed tasting drinks, guessing what it is and discussing the amounts of sugar in each one.

Enterprise Week

We have been very busy elves the past couple of weeks. For the Christmas Fair we made glitter pine cones, reindeer pine cones, tree pines cones, tea light snowmen and slow cooker hot chocolate. Each child helped to set up the stall and some had chance to serve and take the money.


We have been getting arty! Using a range of media and techniques we have been sketching and painting vegetables inspired by Claes Oldenburg.

Hour of Code

Year 3 taking part in an Hour of Code.

Design and Technology
We had fun making our healthy dishes, suitable to take on a picnic.

We are currently learning to multiply by 3, 4 and 8. We have been playing games in pairs to get better at multiplying by answering quickly. We will be moving on to dividing by 3, 4 and 8.

Our first DT lesson consisted of investigating healthy eating snacks for picnics that are already available in shops. We are excited to design and make our own simple healthy dish.


In science we have been learning about the eat well plate and the food groups. We used iPads to research the different food groups and why it is important to eat a well balanced diet.

We have been using base10 to subtract two 3 digit numbers with renaming.

No Bullying Poems

Today Year 3 were very enthusiastic with writing No Bullying acrostic poems. I was amazed with their brilliant ideas and creativity.

Friendship Week

Year 3 have been using drama to demonstrate bullying and kindness through different scenarios.


In English our new unit is Fables. We have been reading and orally retelling them in pairs and to the class.

French Day

Year 3 have totally enjoyed French Day! They have mastered counting to 10 in French, greeting people and answering the phone saying "Allo." We have been tasting some foods produced in France which was interesting. Reception also visited us to see what we had been doing and they were a fantastic audience. Well done everybody.

World War 2 Week - D-Day

Year 3 have absolutely loved learning about D-Day.  They have produced some fantastic work.


We had a go at sketching planes that were used on D-Day.

We took part in a WW2 themed fitness PE lesson which was tough! 

Trip to the Beacon

Year 3 enjoyed their trip to the Beacon. They had chance to draw physical and human geography features.

One of the highlights of the trip... whilst walking back to school, Year 3 randomly bursting out in song - Try Everything by Shakira.  Mrs O will be impressed!


After 4 sessions on counting to 10 in French, we were very excited to work in our French books! Year 3 loved this and worked really well.

English - Biographies

Year 3 have been enjoying reading famous people's biographies. They have read biographies online, on paper and watched videos.


As part of the Singapore maths we used number cards to create fact family addition and subtracting calculations.


We have been using Scratch to program a character to move.



English - Folk Tales

We have been writing our own folk tales. We practised our videoing skills by videoing each other whilst reading our stories.



We have been counting in 4s and 8s and talking about the pattern of counting in these times tables.

Peer massage

Year 3 learning more massage moves in the listening hands sessions today.


We have been working in groups to look at a range of old and modern maps. We have been recognising similarities, differences and discussing reasons and suggestions about the maps.


Year 3 enjoyed drawing and talking about their nightmare school!


Year 3 have been exploring Scratch in the iPads.

Peer Massage

Year 3 are enjoying using their listening hands to give their peers a massage. They understand the importance of asking first.

Year 3 had lots of fun counting 5000 straws between them. We have been learning to count in fifties by playing a dice game. We became very competitive as the race was on for the first person to get to 1000 counting in fifties.

Year 3 have been using Google Earth and Digimaps for schools to look at different maps. They also used their postcode to locate their house on a map.

Maths - Counting in hundreds
Today we got a bit kidney bean happy! Our task was to work together to count 100 kidney beans, estimate how many beans in a second container and then count to check. We worked really well together!

Year 3 had fun acting out and performing the folk tale 'The Lancashire Giant.'

Year 3!
First year in the juniors and the children have made a good start by getting stuck in!



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