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Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 Class 2016-2017
Year 4 Class 2016-2017


Welcome to Year 4. Your teachers this year are Mrs Burton and Miss Taylor.  Your teaching assistants are Mrs Davies and Miss Fitzgerald.  We have a busy year planned with lots of exciting learning due to take place.  This page will be regularly updated with photos of what we have been up to in class.

In year 4 PE takes place on Monday and Tuesday, however, this can change and it is worth keeping your kit in school all week.  Spellings and timetables are given out at the start of the week and will be tested on a Friday.  We also expect you to read every night at home.  Once you have read 25 times, you will receive a reading award in gathering. 

At Delph Side we work with an open door policy and we are always available to chat to at the start and the end of the school day should parents or carers have any questions, queries on concerns.


It's going to be a great year!


Click on the link below to see an overview of what we will be learning this year.


Drawing on Tables!

Today Year 4 drew on the tables! We found out how to create classification keys and made lots of mess! Now we understand how to group different animals using their characteristics. 

Mysterious Bottle

Year 4 found a mysterious bottle that looked like it had come from a desert island! When we opened it we found the answers to our questions we sent to our deserted islander! They helped us design a meal he would like!


Year 4 have been working had writing their stories about Melvin for a writing competition.

Desert Island

Today we tasted food that might be available on a desert island. We tried mangos, tuna, salmon, potato, swede, coconut water and bacon/gammon. We're ready to start designing our meals next week.

Dogs Trust Visit

We've had a lovely visit from Angela and her little dog Danny today.

Charcoal Drawings

We experimented using charcoal to make water drawings. It got very messy!

Roman Numerals

We made Roman numerals using cocktail sticks in Year 4!

Ancient Egypt

Today we went on a hunt in History to find information about ancient Egypt! And then we wrote the answers on our pyramids underneath the flaps we made!


Exploring online information texts.


Year 4 have been enjoying their time in the Library

English - Information Texts

Year 4 have just started their information texts theme in English. Today we've been skimming and scanning a text to find information about Lands End.

Art - Watercolours

Today in art we used watercolours to make pictures based on Monet's water lily painting. We then added texture using tissue paper.


We had fun in our music lesson learning how to play brass instruments. 

Place Value

We have been practising place value in maths.

Year 4 Enterprise

We have had a great time this afternoon making and testing out smoothies for the P&G and SHARES enterprise project. Watch this space for 3 of our recipes being published soon!

Great fun hot seating. Some brilliant questions for Gulliver!

Enterprise Project

On Wednesday 22nd February a group of 4 Year 4 pupils got the opportunity to visit Proctor and Gamble and take part in some smoothie tasting. They are now going to be designing smoothies for the school to sample which will then be made into a recipe book.

Safer Internet Day

We discussed how to stay safe on the internet when posting pictures. We talked about how pictures can give information without words.

The Art of Food

Today, year 4 went to West Lancashire College. We made our own fruit tarts with the catering department. Because our theme is the Art of Food, we thought about how to make our tarts look artistic.

The Digestive System

Year 4 have loved doing a science experiment to learn all about the digestive system. Take a look at what we did to make poo!

Drawing Fruit

Year 4 have been showing their artistic prowess today by drawing still life fruit using oil pastels.

Math Games

Year 4 have been having lots of fun today. We have enjoyed playing a game to help us subtract mentally. Each cone had a different value eg. red=2. We were given a subtraction calculation and had to make the answer using the cones.


Year 4 have been busy learning about pitch in music. We learned to sing a song and also played along on our glockenspiel.

Conscience Alley

Year 4 have had great fun in role as characters from 'A Matter of Loaf and Death'.

Music for Special Occasions

We have been learning about music for special occasions and have thought about how the tempo helps to fit. We have also learned to read the notes C, D, E and F to the 'Mardi Gras Groovin' song. Mardi Gras is French for 'Fat Tuesday' or pancake day as we know it.

Homework Challenge

Year 4 made some amazing masks for their homework challenge.

Christmas Cards

Year 4 had lots of fun making Christmas cards!

Year 4 Christmas Markets

Year 4 made a whopping profit at the Christmas Markets on Wednesday evening. Our Secret Santa room enabled lots of children to buy and wrap gifts for their family.

Classic Narative Poems

Year 4 have been performing classic narative poems. Check out their performance of Macavity the Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot.

Paso Doble

Year 4 have been learning the Paso Doble as part of dance in PE.

Bookmarks and Friend Ships

We have enjoyed making bookmarks for our friends in year 3. They gave us friend ships!

Anti-Bullying Week

We have been learning about anti-bullying. We have made origami hearts to go on our school display. Miss Ratchford brought two apples and told us that she didn't like one of them. We passed it round and said mean things to it. We complemented the second apple. Then we cut them both open. One apple was nice and juicy but the other was brown and hurt on the inside. This represents how somebody feels on the inside if they are feeling bullied but on the outside you can't see the damage you might cause.

Discovery Centre Trip

Clay Poppies

Year 4 have had lots of fun making their own poppies out of clay!

World War 2 Theme - PE Lesson

This morning Year 4 took part in World War 2 themed PE lessons as part of our whole school theme week. The focus was on physical exercise as opposed to physical education.

Steady Hand Game

Year 4 have been making their own steady hand game.

Hot Seating
This afternoon, in English, we've had great fun creating questions to ask some of the characters in our class novel - The Firework Maker's Daughter. Then we got to put some of our class members in the hot seat!

Jigsaw - Working Together

Today we were challenged to work as a team to make human alphabet letters and the tallest marshmallow towers.

In Science we have been learning about electricity. So far we have thought about the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe. We have been making complete circuits to make a bulb light up. 



In computing we have programmed characters using an app called Hopscotch.

Maths Games

In maths we have been having lots of fun playing maths games. We have ordered ourselves to different criteria for example height, month of birthday and date we were born on. We also played a game to help us become more confident telling the time.


Year 4 have been using base ten and money to learn about place value.


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