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Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 2017-2018
Year 4 2017-2018

In Year 4 our class teachers are Miss Breckell and Mrs Burton. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Keegan and Mr Mather. There are 23 lively and enthusiastic children in our class and we all love to learn new skills. 

In the mornings we are taught by Miss Breckell, where we do English, Theme (Science, Music, Art, DT, History, Geography) and French. Followed by Mrs Burton in the afternoons, where we do Maths, RE, Jigsaw and Computing. 


At play time, we can either bring in our own healthy snack or you may choose to pay 20p per day to choose a snack from our snack trolley.

Water bottles can also be brought into class in a plastic bottle that is clearly labelled with a name and will be freely accessible throughout the day.


We have P.E on a Tuesday and Wednesday every week. School P.E kit should be kept in school at all times. The children will being them home at the end of each term to be washed. 


Children will bring home a small list of spellings home each week. They will need to be practiced at home ready for testing on a Friday. 

We will also bring home times table homework weekly. This year will need to know all of our times tables so the more practice the better!

Reading Books

Children will bring home their school reading books every night. The books will then be checked daily to ensure reading is taking place. 



Today, year 4 made fruit Kebabs to give to a deserted islander. We had to cut and peel the fruit to put it on the skewer.


Year 4 had a great time creating food chains!


Year 4 looked around outside at what was damaging our environment.

Art WOW Day!

This is just a sample of the amazing artwork that year 4 produced yesterday for our Art WOW Day!

World Cup Football

Year 4 had a great time playing football today!

Moroccan Dance

Year 4 had a great time learning some Moroccan dance moves.


Year 4 had a great day learning about the life cycle of a plant. We even planted some beans. We can't wait for them to grow!


Year 4 started their new topic 'Hunted' today. They had so much fun hinting for nature in our environment.

French Day

Year 4 have been learning how to recognise word classes: noun, verb, adjective and sort them into dictionary order. Also played French bingo!

Dogs Trust

Year 4 loved their visit from the Dogs Trust!

Royal Wedding!

Year 4 have had a great day preparing for the Royal Wedding by making cucumber sandwiches fit for a princess.


Year 4 got very wet today when we were investigating how much air a sponge contains.


Year 4 had lots of fun pretending to be 'The Water Cycle'.


Such a messy day in Year 4! We were playing with cornflour slime and discussing if it is a solid or a liquid.



Year 4 had a fun day starting to sew their money holders that they could use on holiday.

Sports Relief

Today, year 4 had a very exhausting day running their mile for Sports Relief.

French Day

We had an exciting day today learning how to say different animals in French.

Science Week - Chemistry Day

Mrs Littler had a great time with Year 4 yesterday! The Year 4 professors carried out an investigation into 4 acidic liquids, including cola, orange juice, lemon juice and vinegar. They investigated writing secret messages and the reaction when heat was applied to the liquid and paper.

Dean Trust Visit

Science Week

Year 4 had a great start to Science Week building towers. The winning tower was 70cm high!


Year 4 have enjoyed spending time with Reception's chicks this afternoon!


Today, year 4 had an amazing time playing in the snow.

Cooking with Quorn

We had a very busy day cooking with Cheryl. She showed us lots of different recipes that were completely vegetarian. It was tasty too! We also impressed with our cooking and tasting skills. What a delicious day!

Safer Internet Day

Year 3 had lots of fun learning about what happens when we share our personal information online! We found out that not everyone is who they say they are and what to do when we are asked for our information.

Safer Internet Day

Today year 4 learnt lots of different methods to keep themselves safe online. We found out what happens when you post anything online.  We also made posters to show others how to stay safe. Take a look!


Year 4 have had a very disgusting day. We made a digestive system to watch what happens when food enters our mouth. We moved banana and Weetabix all the way through the 'body' until we were left with waste material.

Faith Week - Rangoli

Today we made Rangoli patterns using coloured powder paint.

Faith Week - Islam Day

Today we found out lots of information about Islam like the five pillars of Islam. We also got to look at a real prayer mat and a copy of the Qu'ran in Arabic. We finished with an exciting quiz.

Faith Week - Dancing

Today a Sikh woman came to visit our school. We learnt the 5 'K' that all Sikh carry with them. We also watched a Sikh wedding ceremony. Finally we learnt some dance moves to celebrate the wedding.

Faith Week - Drums!

We had a fab time learning some drumming and dancing from Punjab this afternoon!

Faith Week

Today Abdul came into our class and showed us how to write in Arabic. We learnt that you write from right to left and there is no letter 'P' in Arabic. We also found out the first 6 letters of the Arabic alphabet.

French Day

Year 4 had lots of fun during French day. We learnt about the different body parts on a snowman. We learnt a song in the theme of Frère Jacques called 'Il fait froid' or 'It is cold'.


We have had a great day learning about how to look after our teeth. Look at our posters for some top tips for a beautiful smile.


Year 4 have been working very hard today acting. They became Wallace and his friends for the morning to discuss the recent events involving the evil Bake O'Light woman.

Maths No Problem

Back in the swing of things in Year 4! Using beans to help us divide.


Year 4 have had lots of fun exploring our new computing app 'Hopscotch'. We learnt how to do lots of things to our characters like making them grow and change colour. We also found different ways to make our game start like shaking our iPad or making a loud noise. We are excited to learn more next week.


Year 4 have had lots of fun making our Christingles ready for Thursday. We even found out what each part of the Christingle represents.


We have been acting out the poem 'Please Mrs Butler'. We are glad Mrs Butler is not our teacher!

Enterprise Week

Year 4 have had a busy week making reindeer not chocolate and Santa Sweet cones ready to sell. Only £1, what a bargain!

Trip to the Recycling Centre

Year 4 enjoyed their trip to the recycling centre. We got to watch waste materials go through the recycling machines.


Today we have been discussing the relevance of words for our poem Macavity.

Blitz Artwork

Year 4 have been busy making artwork for the Blitz.

Steady Hand Game

The children have been very busy making their pro-types for their Steady Hand Games. We have used our understanding of circuits to help create them. After lots of designing, the children picked their favourite designs and used Metal to form the maze for their games. We had lots of fun making them and testing them out. 

Junior Apprentice Electricians!

Yer 4 have passes their Junior Electrician Apprenticeship! They took part in a series of challenges to pass the course. Well done, Year 4!

Isle of Wight

During Isle of Wight theme day year 4 have been sketching Carisbrooke Castle.

Listening Hands

A lovely relaxing start to the afternoon with our first peer massage session

Maths No Problem

Investigating place value.

Dangers of Electricity

We have been looking at the dangers of electricity in our new topic. The children enjoyed looking around all rooms of a house to see if any dangers occurred. 

Ukulele Lessons!

Great fun in our first ukulele lesson! Lots of budding musicians.

Maths - No Problem!

Year 4 had great discussions working together in our first Singapore style Maths lesson.


Our first computing lesson of the year was all about staying safe online. We worked collaboratively in our groups to present to others our findings.


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