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Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5!  This year, the class teacher is Miss Breckell and our teaching assistant is Miss Couch. There are currently 16 children in our class and we are enthusiastic about learning across the curriculum. It is important that we are resilient, independent and we ensure we come to school keen to do our best, with a love of learning. We will regularly update this page with pictures of our exciting lessons and new findings.  Please log on and check out what we've been up to! 


Click on the link below to see an overview of what we will be learning this year.


Children will be given new spellings in a Monday to be tested on them on a Friday. Please ensure you practice these at home. 


Please try to read with your children every night. We will try and change books everyday, however sometimes this is not always possible. The children should bring their school reading books in everyday so we can read with them in school too. 


We have PE on Mondays and a Tuesdays. Children are asked to provide themselves with full kit and are asked to leave their kits in school every week. They will only bring them home at the end of each term. 

Below are some of the exciting things we've been getting up to in class :)  


Our Lady's Taster Day

Year 5 had a really good time visiting Our Lady's, taking part in fun activities. They got to take part in a PE session, Science Lesson and DT. 

Budding Artists

Year 5 have been working very hard during our Art topic this term. We researched the artist, Antonio Giacometti, displaying it artistically in our sketchbooks. We also practiced drawing proportioned bodies, experimenting with different approached and materials. 

Greek Mythology 

This week we have been engaging with Greek myths and looking at the themes within them. We did this by listening and reading a variety of myths and discussing our thoughts and feelings.

Ancient Greek Artifacts

This term we are learning about the Ancient Greeks. We started off by finding out some information about them and discovered some of the things they left behind. 

Visit from Dogs Trust

Year 5 really enjoyed their visit from Angela and Danny the dog, who came to tell us all about the the important work they do at Dogs Trust.

Sports Day

Such a great day for our sports day this year! Well done to you all!!

Amazon Adventure

Year 5 have had a great trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil (Longridge, Preston) We took part in lots of different activities such as - Shelter Building, Team building activities, collecting water from a well etc. Such a great experience that we all really enjoyed!

Creating our Tool Belts

After lots of practice, it has become time to start making our final pieces. Today we have pinned together our materials so it was easier to sew together. We decided it would be better to use small, close stitches than big ones as the big open stitches we not as strong. Once we completed 3/4 of our stitching, we stopped to turn our pieces inside out. This will give them a nice finished edge to make them look professional. I am very impressed with the quality of work they have produced so far.  Take a look at our progress


Based on our theme, of the Amazon, we have been looking at 'deforestation' and how it affects the Amazon rain forest and the living things that call it home. After watching  a video about the changes people are making, we tried to look at both sides of the argument. Working in a group we covered the both sides and discussed what problems it could cause. 


Design Challenge 

We were visited by our school Caretaker today, to ask him questions all about tool belts and what they are used for. We found this really useful and found out lots of information. He set us a challenge - to create a strong and purposeful tool belt. He will then come back into class, when we have made them, to test them out with some of his tools.

This gave us some good ideas for our tool belt designs. After creating our design, we started to work on our prototypes (practice piece) to practice our design and sewing techniques. 

Design and Technology

Today, we have been practicing our sewing skills. It's not always easy threading a needle but we all got their eventually! We started off using handwriting sheets to follow the lines and patterns to practice the size of the spacing needed. ATTENTION!! Looks of pure concentration ahead!

Story Speed Dating

This week we have been planning our plots for our Amazon stories. We have looked at how our character would be feeling at those times and what they may be thinking. We worked so hard on them and wanted to show them off! We wanted other people to fall in love with our story plans as much as we loved them. So we decided to go 'Story Speed Dating' We were given 3 opportunities to tell our story plan to 3 different people in our class, using as much detail as possible. The aim was to make the partner want to read our stories. Then we rated their story out of 5, listing good points and something to improve on. We really enjoy discussing our stories with others and it has helped us remember what order our story goes it ready for the writing stage. 

Life Cycles

Our Science topic for this term is 'Life Cycles'. We have been looking at the different life cycles of animals and how they vary. After choosing 'Green Turtles' as out focus animal we used the iPads ro create their life cycle.

 We also looked into the life cycle of plants, and what an imperative job insects do to help this happen. We also took apart some flowers to label each part after looking at their jobs and roles. We really enjoyed learning about life cycles of both animals and plants/


In computing we are currently learning about how we can use variables to increase programming possibilities. We started this by creating maths games on 'Scratch'. We did this by programming 3 variables to work together to answer maths problems. I was a little tricky at first but eventually we all got the hang of it!

Amazon Trail

This term we are learning about the Amazon Rainforest. We completed an 'Amazon Trail' to find out lots about the area and what types of animals we could find there. We went around the classroom to find the hidden questions and used books and iPads to help us source the answers. 

World Science Day

During World Science Day we got the opportunity to go 'Down to the Farm' We were given the chance to pet and feed some farm animals. We had a great time! 


We also investigated if the amount of hoop on a Hoop Glider affected the flight distance. We found that the more hoops we put in the glider, the heavier it would become. Overall we found that the amount of hoops did affect the glider. 

World Book Day


World Math's Day

This year our theme for World Math's Day was 'Food'. Today, Year 5 worked at 'Delph Side Deli' where they were finding all possible combinations of sandwich they could make with : White bread, Brown Bread, Ham, Cheese, Cucumber and Salad Cream. We made the sandwiches and found all the possible combinations. After that we could have a little nibble on the sandwiches we created. 

PE - Military Session 1

Year 5 and 6 started their first session with 'The School Of Military' by getting to know their instructors and their previous roles in the army. They informed us on all the different roles that are available.

Some of the children ended up outside, enduring press-ups, squats, lunge walks and running. We are really looking forward to the next session!

Safer Internet Day

During 'Safer Internet Day' we looked at the power of images that get posted online. We found that an image can tell a different story to other people and can sometimes be misleading. We all love an 'Emoji' but sometimes people can read them in different ways. We also created some 'Memes' to help spread the word about internet safety. Take a look!

Creating a soundtrack

Today we got to experiment with instruments in order to create a short piece of music. We created these pieces to act as a soundtrack for a section on a film. Repeated patterns and slow paces were picked as the best choice to create a magical atmosphere. 


We have been looking at the works of John Williams, the composer, and are beginning to understand the importance of soundtracks in films. We listened to a piece of music and tried to visualize what could have been happening. After looking at Wassily Kandinsky, the abstract artist, in our our sessions we used to music to help us create a composition of lines and shapes. We them listened again and started to add colors to our work relating to our feelings when listening to the music. 

Dreams and Goals

This term we are going to looking at our dreams and goals for the future. This week we looked at lots of professions and acted them out in the game 'Charades'. We them looked at the different professions and tried to match up the appropriate salary. We were very surprised by some of them and we found it very enjoyable. 


Year 5 have been learning how to tell the time in PE.

Simile Poems

Year 5 are having great fun learning and performing their simile poems.

Sock Snowmen 

Here is a sneak peak of our Christmas market items. Today, we have been busy making our main product for the Christmas market. We had fun stuffing the snowmen and giving them character with their noses, eyes and buttons. They are now ready to rock!! Look out for them on our stall at just £1.50!

Delph Side Den

Throughout the school all children have been busy creating ideas of what they could make to sell at the Christmas Market this year. Year 5 worked very hard in choosing their ideas and working out the costings they would need to make their ideas come true. They took to creating a pitch for 'Delph Side Den' to ask our investor, Mrs Ormerod, for permission to make the products. Take at look at their fantastic pitch. 

Taste Testing our Biscuits

After baking our biscuits we finally got to try them! They turned out exactly how we wanted them too, we were very please. They were soft, tasty and good to look at. We were very proud of our baked goods. 

Hour of Code

 We completed our 'Hour of Code' using a variety of programming and coding games. We used our knowledge and understanding of programming to move characters and objects to complete the levels provided. We used 'Minecraft' and 'Box Island' apps to put our knowledge to good use. 

Making our biscuits 

As part of our enrichment this term, we will be using the school kitchen to produce biscuits. We have chosen to make Christmas stained glass biscuits that could be sold at a Christmas market or fair. We worked very hard measuring all the ingredients and forming the dough. The smell from the kitchen was amazing and we are very excited to taste our first batch!

Taste Testing - Lebkuchen 

We really enjoyed researching and tasting the traditional German cakes, Lebkuchen. We looked at the appearance, aroma and taste of the biscuits to get some ideas for making our own biscuits. Most of us really liked them and really enjoyed looking at other cultures foods. 

Anti-Bullying Week

Throughout the week, we completed many fabulous activities to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying week. We all worked hard to create Origami hearts to hang on our 'Tree of Friendship'. Following this, we got super creative making Peace Doves for our partner class. We made these to spread the peace, love and friendship we have for each other in school. 

Weight Challenges

Year 5 had so much fun completing different weight challenges.


We had such a brilliant English lesson listening and watching each other perform our presentations. Miss Barber and Miss Couch thought they were brilliant.

City Skylines

Year 5 and 6 have had lots of fun this week researching different areas of the world. Here is a picture of their city skyline.


Year 5 and 6 working together as a team.

3D Shapes

Year 5 have had great fun this afternoon investigating the properties of 3D shapes.


Year 5 working excellently as a team in our JIGSAW lesson


Check out Year 5's map work. They're working hard looking for cities.


Thank you for visiting our class page.



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