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Welcome to Year 5

In year 5 this year the teacher is Mr Ward and the teaching assistants are Miss Byrne and Miss Johnson.

Our theme this half term is the Ancient Greeks! The topics we will be focusing on are History, Art and Music. In History, we will be learning all about the Ancient Greeks, who they were and what influence they had on the modern world! During Art lessons, we will be creating our own artwork based on the work of famous artists. In Music, we will be creating, developing and composing our own songs.

We have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

We also have football skills training on a Thursday.

Edge Hill 'Aspirations' Project

Some Y5 children had a fab opportunity to visit and spend the day at Edge Hill University as part of their 'Aspirations' Project! We had a lovely science lesson alongside a number of Skelmersdale schools in the Rose Garden, followed by an amazing Computing lesson using the latest technology in the Bio-Sciences building - what a day!

Augmented Reality

We have been using augmented reality to bring our creations to life!


As part of our Amazon Adventure topic, we have been creating our very own tool belts that can be used by workers in the Amazon rainforest!


Year 5 used different tools in Art to create their own Amazon rainforest paintings!

Amazon Rainforest Arguments!

We have been looking at the negative impacts of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest and how it affects the animals and people who live there!


Year 5 have been to the Amazon! Well... it was in Preston, but it was still amazing! We learnt all about how indigenous people live in the Amazon rainforest and the struggles they deal with on a daily basis.

Sport Relief!

As part of Sport Relief, year 5 took part in a mile run, it took us only 12 minutes to complete! We also looked at data from South Africa and presented it in a variety of different ways!


This week in year 5, we have been designing and creating our very own toys! We created a toy for young children that uses cams to creates rotary and linear motion!

Science Visit to Dean's Trust

Year 4 and 5 enjoyed their visit to Dean's Trust yesterday! They took part in a range of experiments and investigations related to our topic of 'forces'!

Mellors Workshop!

As part of British Science Week, Year 5 took part in a workshop in which they learnt all about our digestive system! They also took part in a competition to design a meal to be put on the school menu!

Exploding Science!

We have been learning about chemical reactions in science today! We mixed vitamin C tablets with water to create our chemical reactions. We also created our own rockets and ran an investigation to see how we could create the most effective rocket!

Science Week! Building Bridges!

As part of British Science Week, we have been exploring the strength of bridges! We looked at what we could do to a piece of paper to allow it to hold the most weight possible!

Attendance Avenger Posters!

We have been creating our Attendance Avenger posters! We are going to be having a vote on Monday as to which poster we want to be put on our class window to display our weekly attendance!

World Book Day!

We had a great time in year 5 on World Book Day! We spent the whole day in our pj's and had hot chocolate in the afternoon! We also took stories into Reception to read with them too.

Snow Weather Forecast!

In Computing, we have been creating our very own weather forecast!


In music this week, we have been learning about ostinato! We have been creating our own obstinate patterns using the glockenspiels!

Safer Internet Day!

In year 5, we created a leaflet about how children can stay safe online! We looked at he dangers of posting pictures and comments online and how they can stay online forever! We also looked at online good deeds and how we can be kind to others online! This is some of our brilliant work!

Piñata Planet Family Challenge!

A group of children from year 5 teamed up to create their very own planet for their family challenge! Everyone enjoyed hitting the piñata and we all enjoyed the chocolate!


We learnt about Sikh culture today involving marriage ceremonies and dancing styles!


Year 5 enjoyed learning how to play Indian drums today as part of our Faith Week!


We took part in a calligraphy workshop today! We explored the first 6 letters of the Arabic language and we also explored what our names look like in Arabic!

Happy Birthday Maksims!

Newspaper Models!

Year 5 have been creating newspaper models of planet surfaces. They are now ready to be mod rocked and painted next week!


We enjoyed our anti-bullying session, especially the miming activity!

French Day!

We have had a great time today learning about all things French! We have learnt about different sports, time and even numbers! We finished the day by playing snakes and ladders, well done red team for winning!


We had a great time in the planetarium yesterday! We learnt so much about space including why the moon appears to change shape, the different constellations in the sky and about all the planets in our solar system!


We have started off 2018 with some programming! We have spent the past few months coding using the app Pyonkee and we are now finally writing our own lines of code.


We have created our Cristingles in preparation for our Christingle assembly on Thursday!

Nativity Practice!

We have been working hard over the past few weeks to put our Nativity together. All of KS2 have been amazing in preparation for our performance! We have one last practice before the final performance, we are ready!

Last ukulele lesson of the term!

The children enjoyed the last ukulele lesson of the term. They took part in a musical quiz to win sweets!

Hour of Code!

Last week we took part in the Star Wars hour of code! We worked in pairs to complete this using our problem solving resilience and knowledge of computer science!


Today in English we have been taking part in a drama activity! We needed to use tone and expressions as well as actions to bring our work to life!

Exciting Science!

Year 5 have been enjoyed Mr Noblet's science experiment lessons! This week they have been mixing baking soda with vinegar to create an irreversible change!

Play Makers

Today we have been creating our very own lesson plans to teach year 1 a PE lesson! The lessons were successful and all the children had loads of fun teaching the younger children!


We have started practing for our Christmas performance and so far we have learnt 'Over The Hill'! However, our version has a slight twist...

Presenting Our Work!

This week in English, we have been exploring how characters and settings are developed in books. We worked together in groups today to present our writing verbally, everyone was brilliant!

Where does our food come from?

  In Geography, we have been looking at where our food comes from by researching using the internet. We found out where bananas, apples and coffee come from!

French Day!

On our last day of the half term we celebrated all things French with our French Day! We expanded our range of vocabulary that we are learning in French and we also tried some French food, we started simple with a baguette! In the afternoon we taught some of the year 1 children some of the things that we had looked at throughout the day.


We have been making our very own spitfires today in year 5, it got very messy! We started of by creating a paper model using a template. The template was then used to create our own models out of paper which we finally wrapped in mod roc. They have turned out great!

World War 2 PE Lesson!

As part of our World War 2 week, we have been training like soldiers in PE!

Orienteering at the Beacon!

We have been learning how to use 6-digit coordinates in Geography and we wanted to test our knowledge in the wild by going up to the Beacon and following these coordinates for real! We identified what Physical and Human Geography that we found in these areas.

Changing Variables

We have been developing our programming skills further in Computing by working with variables. We made the character say the 8 times table!

Creating our own sounds using PYONKEE!

In year 5 we have been learning how to program using PYONKEE (it's Scratch for iPads). Our objective the week was to select a character and create a sound appropriate for that character. Year 5 enjoyed the monkey and the elephant as they could make the loudest sounds for these!

Story Maps and Slow Writing!

We have been reading Beowulf this week as part of our Myths and Legends topic. This is just some of the great work that the children have been doing in year 5 through story mappings and slow writing!

Ukulele Lessons!


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