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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 2017-2018
Year 6 2017-2018

This year's Year Six team are Mr. Morris and Mrs. Gwyther!

Our theme for Spring 1 Half Term is 'Elementary, Dr. Watson' - a theme based on Sir Author Conan Doyle's famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. We'll be studying the human body, particularly the circulatory system, and will be using our coding skills and presentation skills to show the complexities of the body.

Year Six will also be taking part in Bikeability in January, so bring your helmets and puncture kits!

We have P.E on Wednesday afternoon, and children will require a full kit.

Our 'Starbooks' reading challenge offers children the chance to have a hot chocolate and biscuit in our reading corner when home reading is evident in reading diaries! Bring your book in everyday to collect your loyalty points!

To support Year Six children towards their SATS, we will regularly discuss test style questions. If you would like to know more please see either Mrs. Gwyther or myself anytime.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Y6 have had an absolute blast today at Blackpool Pleasure Beach! We watched the amazing 'Hot Ice' show at The Arena, before striking lucky at the amusements and filling ourselves with pizza! What a day and what a week of amazing SATs results for this stunning lot!


Year 6 have been learning about nets of 3D shapes. We had a go at making our own nets to turn them into three-dimensional shapes.


What a musical classroom we have had today. Year 6 are busy learning songs for their leavers assembly.

World Cup Week

year 6 have been learning all about Argentina this week who we think are one of the most successful teams in the world cup.

FA Skills

Year 6 have had a great time learning some new football skills with Chris.


Year 6 had a great time creating different circuits trying to make electrical components work.

Easter Boosters - Day 4: Well that's it! We toasted our Easter club success over pancakes, before calculating square numbers and square roots. We added and subtracted money, then commenced the BIG tidy and filed all of our work away into books. Thank you so much to all the children, parents and staff who have given their time and energy into boosting our Year Sixes ready for SATs - bring it on!

Easter Boosters - Day 3

We've been x 1000 and ÷1000 in the hall, while groups have been identifying and measuring angles. We then used ping pong balls to combine monetary values and learnt how to use diameter and radius to draw circles. Not bad for a morning's work!

Easter Boosters - Day 2

We've been calculating perimeter, working with negative numbers, using evidence from a text and reading pie charts...boom!

Easter Boosters - Day 1

What a start! 10 children showed their dedication and commitment to their learning today! We launched bean bags to create decimal values to show off our mental addition. We then tackled some True or False questions in our reading, before matching prefixes to root words. We finished off the morning by playing a maths hunting game, where we hunted for mathematical language, shapes, square and prime numbers. Well done Year 6!

Easter Holiday Boosters - Day 1

French Day

Today, Year 6 have been learning numbers in French to 100! We learnt numbers to 19, which then helped us with further numbers before playing some French Bingo!

British Science Week...Chemistry!

On Tuesday, we created rockets! We investigated chemical reactions and which products form as a result. We learnt about energy and how reactions release energy included gas and pressure, which was particularly important for our rocket experiment. Some children decided on water level as their variable, whilst others changed the number of Vitamin C tablets in their rocket canisters. This affected the reaction times and the resulting rocket explosion as the gas pressure built up until 'POP!'.

British Science Week...Physics

 We've been studying the strength and durability of bridge designs by learning about compression, tension and torsion forces. We found that certain bridge designs can withstand greater weights than others, and can resist the three forces in different ways. Year 6 built their bridges and decided on their constants and variables, before placing counters on until it collapsed (buckled).


Design and Technology through the Vikings!

Through our 'From Valhalla to Asgard' theme we have been making viking shield and rune stone designs using clay! Year 6 designed their shields and included Viking runes to represent their names, and patterns to represent their tribes, before turning their hand to some clay work. We shaped, rolled and carved our designs and used a variety of tools to help us. All of our DT work is thanks to Miss Stuart, who has planned and guided Year 6 through the process. Next...painting!

Creating Safer Profiles

Year 6 have been evaluating social media profiles for their content and safety as part of our Safer Internet Day work. We then learnt how to create our own safe, secure profiles.


Faith Week 

Faith Week


Children drew pictures associated with the Welsh artist Eleri Mills.

Anti-bullying Session

Bikeability - Session 1

We've been making Christingles for our Christingle assembly this week. We learnt how each element of a Christingle has its own significance and how the tradition started and evolved. We then wrote about what we had learnt in our R.E books as we reflected on the meaning of Christingle.

We've been reading Classic Fiction over the last two weeks, and focused particularly on Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'! We read chapters of the original text and wrote our own descriptive work by using some of the vocabulary in Shelley's novel. Have a look at our descriptive work below!

Year Six going strong in the final week of term! We've learnt how to find percentages of 3-digit amounts. The top-tip? Find 10% first, then anything is possible! Well done Year Six!

Music using Garage Band

We've been using our iPads to compose our own Chart-topping tracks! We used the Garage Band app to select our musical genre (mostly DubStep!) and then combined different musical instruments and drum beats to suit. We performed our tracks for the class and then uploaded our music to Seesaw. QR Codes coming soon!

Christmas Fair Enterprise!

We are officially advertising specialists! Year Six planned, wrote, edited and published persuasive adverts especially for our Christmas Fair Enterprise. We used rhetorical questions to entice our customers, bullet points to organise our key features, special offers and brackets to include further detail! Our 'Beautiful, Bespoke Baubles were a huge hit with customers and netted Year Six a handsome profit in the process - well done Year Six!

Science (Light & Shadows)

We have been studying how light travels and how our eyes perceive light. We looked at the eye itself and how our retina receives and detects light sources, enabling us to visualise objects which reflect light. We've even investigated how light travels in straight lines and used mirrors and torches to show direction of travel. Very enLIGHTening!

Hour of Code...

Year Six have been showing off their coding skills by overcoming a series of tasks through slick coding! We've used REPEAT functions and some of us even used IF STATEMENTS to set certain parameters for when our characters interact with their environment!

French Day!

We have been learning how to order food in French...especially Subway! We learnt how to ask for a combination of ingredients on our baguettes, and then we got to make them! MMMMM!

Newspaper Reports...

We've been using our iPads to publish newspaper reports on Mount St. Helens! We used a combination of apps to search for images, save, import and re-size  them ready for our report-writing. We then selected fonts for our headlines, by-lines and columns before printing them.

Survival of the fittest! 

Year 6 have been fighting over their food supply by competing with different 'beaks'. We used our beaks, which have their own properties to decide how birds compete for survival in the wild. We found that certain birds and their beaks are not designed to compete for certain foods, and that food supply is finite in the wild.

Survival Morning at the Beacon

Year Six went 'all Bear Grylls' on Thursday when we visited Beacon Country Park for a morning of den-building and camouflage work! We painted each other's faces in camouflage paint and went hiding from the Gruffalo, then we made make-shift shelters. This was the WOW! activity for our survival-based theme in which we've studied survival of the fittest and adaptation in science.

Reception Buddies 


This week, Year Six have been learning about adaptation using popcorn, jelly beans and raisins! We’ve learnt that birds, in particular, have adapted the shape and size of their beaks depending on their location and food source in order to survive. Thanks Darwin!

Desert Island

In English, we’ve been writing diary entries as a stranded boy on a deserted island…scary!

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