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Delph Side Community Primary School

Inspiring each other to succeed and exceed!

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! Our teacher is Mrs Littler and our teaching assistants are Miss Caldwell and Miss Johnson (R-L). There are 21 very lovely and enthusiastic children in our class and we are always excited to learn new things. In Year 1 we make learning choices and work very hard to become independent learners.

Year 1 Class 2016-2017
Year 1 Class 2016-2017

Our topic this half term is Family Album! We will be looking at photographs of when we were babies, comparing these and identifying the changes that have happened over time. We will also be looking back at key events that have taken place over the past 6 years and ordering these chronologically to make a timeline. We will be learning about how birthdays were celebrated in the past compared to now and the children will also have the chance to explore different toys from the past and think about how they differ from their own toys today. In Art and Design, we will be using a variety of different techniques and resources to create a self-portrait which we will draw, paint and evaluate. In Geography, we will be learning about the United Kingdom using resources such as maps. We will discuss the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, their characteristics, capital cities and also the seas that surround the UK.


So let’s get ready for another exciting half term filled with plenty of fun learning opportunities! Please check back to see what we get up to along the way.



General information

  • Toast money is £1.00 per week payable on a Monday.
  • We have PE on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, but should always have our kit in school.
  • We learn 2, 5 and 10 times tables. A times table champion is chosen each week and we receive a certificate and trophy in gathering.
  • Spellings are given out on Friday each week and are tested on the following Friday.
  • We need to read at home every night. When we have read at home 25 times we receive a certificate and a book prize in gathering.
  • We have a pupil of the week award which is announced in gathering and they are given a POW award. Other awards include Magic Maths, Handwriting Hero and Boss Behaviour which are also announced in gathering.

Making a fruit kebab!

Following our fruit testing last week, we have been designing, making and evaluating our own fruit kebabs this week. We had great fun, especially the making part!

Bee-Bot programming

This week year 1 have been exploring the Bee-Bots in school. We have been using the mats and the action cards to give the Bee-Bots instructions to ensure they arrived safely at a given location.

Safer Internet Day

For our Internet Safety Day in Year 1, we talked about how a picture can share more information than we think and sometimes even personal information that we do not want strangers to know. We talked about the dangers of sharing our personal information online and looked at a range of different pictures deciding whether they were safe to put on the internet or not. We also made our own 'About me collages' using the I-pads as a way of telling someone all about us without sharing pictures which may share our personal information.

Fruit Tasting

This week we have been tasting different fruits ready to make our fruit kebabs next week. We tasted a range of different fruit and decided which ones we liked and which ones we weren't too keen on.

Following Instructions

This week we have been looking at how to read and write instructions. Throughout the week, we read and followed instructions on how to make different sandwiches.

Trip to Tesco

In Year 1 this week we visited Tesco as part of our theme 'Growth and Green Fingers'. We learnt about where sugar comes from as well as which different foods contain sugar. We also learnt about different types of fruit and vegetables, how they are grown and we even got to taste some of them.


Year 1 have enjoyed music this afternoon. We have started to learn about the pulse of the music.

Money Fun!

This week we have been learning all about money and the different coins that we can use. We have been practicing how to make amounts in different ways. Our snack was even hijacked this week and we actually had to 'pay' for our fruit!!

Tree Hunt

In Year 1 this week we have been learning about two different types of trees, the evergreen tree and the deciduous tree (which has been a bit of a tongue twister for some of us). We went on a tree hunt around school to see which type of trees we could spot!

Becoming gardeners!
Year 1 have been learning about what a plant needs to help it grow. This week we have had lots of fun planting our own cress seeds. They have been placed on the windowsill and are being watered daily we'll keep you posted on how well they grow...


We have had lots of fun answering questions in character!


Christmas Fair

Year 1 being fantastic little helpers setting the stall up for the Christmas fair! Well done.

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees
Look at these amazing trees that Year 1 made to sell at the Christmas fair. They were delicious!


Year 1 have been experimenting with charcoal and graphite and drawing houses in 1666 during The Great Fire of London.

We experimented by adding colour as fire to our drawings!

Gift Bags
We had lots of fun making these and they look amazing.

Pop up Cards
The children found it tricky to make these pop up cards but kept on trying. Well done!

Visit from Dan

Year 1 enjoyed the visit from Dan an ordinary author from Blackpool. They were amazed by his brilliant storytelling!

Library grand opening

Year 1 absolutely loved being up in the library, choosing a book to take home and checking books out!


We were very lucky to get a visit from the very Gruffalo himself.  This was very exciting for us in Year 1.


Year 1 enjoyed taking part in the hour of code!  They used various apps on the iPads. 


We have been learning about whole, quarter, half and three quarter turns!


In English Year 1 have started to plan their own 'Zog' story. They have created their own characters and changed the ending.


Anti-Bullying Week

Year 1 and Year 2 loved swapping their anti bullying gifts that they made for each other. Year 1 made super hero masks to show that they want to stand up and stop bullying. Year 2 made friendship bracelets to show that they always want to be friends.

Anti-Bullying Week
Year 1 enjoyed making origami hearts to show love and that they want to stand up against bullying. They want everyone to be friends!

We also had fun making superhero masks for our partner class Year 2.  We made superhero masks to show that we want to stand up, be brave and stop bullying.

Year 1 know about cyber bullying. Here is a video of a little song.


Remembrance/WW2 Week

Year 1 loved making gas masks!

Remembrance/WW2 Week

Year 1 have absolutely enjoyed the WW2 role play area this week! They have really enjoyed learning about evacuation.

Remembrance/WW2 Week

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in a military exercise PE lesson! It looks like they worked hard.


Times Tables

Year 1 pratcising 2 and 10 times tables. Amazing.



These children are very enthusiastic reading their information texts on penguins.


Year 1 have enjoyed making penguins, pigs and possums using clay.


Blackpool Zoo

We have been using different media to draw icebergs, desert and trees. We have also had a go at drawing penguins, pigs and possums.

Over the past two weeks we have been practising following and giving instructions to each other, programming Beebots to move from one place to another and using a game on the computer.



Year 1 have been learning the 7 continents of the world. Test your children to see which they can remember.


Today we enjoyed a bit of hot seating and pretended to be the characters from the story. We asked and answered questions.


In maths we have been learning ordinal numbers. We enjoyed having races and pretending to queue for the ice cream van.

In English we have been reading the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. The children had a go at freeze framing and showing feelings of the characters from the story.

Maths Games

In year 1 we have been playing maths games. We have been ordering numbers and playing addition bowling.

Living Things

Year 1 have been looking at creation and researching living things.

First Week in Year 1