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Welcome to Year 2 

The Year 2 teacher is Miss James and the teaching assistant is Mrs Bissette. During the Autumn term we also have Mrs Bentham who is our associate teacher.

Year 2 Class 2016-2017
Year 2 Class 2016-2017


In year two we are learning to become more independent both academically and socially. Each morning begins with an ‘Early morning task’ this includes guided reading, responding to marking; fine motor activities, learning time’s tables and handwriting. All our lessons are taught through a creative approach; this makes our lessons more meaningful and gives us a real love for learning!

Our current topic for this half term is 'The Place Where I Live'. During this topic we will be taking part in lots of exciting activities such as; looking at a range of maps  covering Skelmersdale, drawing our own maps from a walk around our local area, looking at what life was like for children in the past and learning how to draw and print from first hand experience. 

We will be having PE lessons on a Monday and a Tuesday. Children will need their full PE kit as we will try to get outside as much as possible.


Weekly Timetable

• Children will be given new spellings on a Monday and have a spelling test on a Friday. At times children may be given more than 10 spellings, they may not be tested on all of them, however it is crucial that these spellings are learnt every week.

• All children will also be given times tables to remember, this year we are concentrating on our 2, 3, 5 and 10 X tables. These will be tested on a Friday with their spellings.

• Please remind your child to take their reading book out of their bag and place it in the correct box, so we know what books need to be changed.

• Please ensure that you try to read with your child every night, we will try to change reading books every day, however at times this may not be possible. Please bear with us if your child’s book is not changed in school that day, it will be changed as soon as possible.

• PE is on a Monday and a Tuesday. Children are asked to leave their PE kits in school every week and only take them home at the end of a half term.

• Children are given the option to have toast at playtime for a small fee of 20p per day. Alternatively they can bring a healthy snack such as fruit. 

• We encourage children to also bring a water bottle to be kept in the classroom, they will be able to access this throughout the day. 


Creating our own salad

Recently we have been learning about the different food categories on the 'Eat Well plate'. We researched a range of different fruit and vegetable salads and looked closely at their packaging and how they were presented. After that we created a design criteria as a class; we decided that we wanted our salads to be healthy, look appealing and colourful, have bite sized pieces and include a variety of tastes and textures. Once we had tasted and evaluated some different fruit and vegetables, we designed and made our salads. We learnt different types of grips when cutting our food (the claw grip and the bridge), as well as the importance of hygiene when cooking. We really do have some budding chefs in our class!

Science Day

Today year 2 have had lots of fun taking part in different science investigations. We have investigated if bubbles are always round and created our very own lava lamps.

Fun on the Farm

Our class have recently visited Green Slate Farm as part of our "Farm Shop" topic. We began the day with an exciting plant workshop, where we learnt about the different parts of the plant and what they're used for. Rhiannon then let us choose our very own seed to plant and take back to school. We were then given the opportunity to handle and feed a variety of animals on the farm, our favourite animals were the cheeky goats! After a tasty picnic lunch, we explored a range of fruit and vegetables using our five senses and took part in a quiz on the different types of food. To round the day off nicely we then tasted some delicious fruits and vegetables that had been freshly grown on the farm. Thank you to all the staff at Green Slate Farm for a truly wonderful day!

Space Vehicles

Today in year 2 we have been creating and evaluating our very own space vehicles! We have had lots of fun creating and testing them out.

Safer Internet Day

2D and 3D Shapes

Last week we learnt all about 2D and 3D shapes. We looked at their properties, found shapes in the environment and identified different 2D shapes that made 3D shapes.

Space Report

We have really enjoyed researching space using the iPads and non-fiction books. We can't wait to start writing our non-chronological report.

Using and applying in mathematics

Last week we learnt about measuring in grams, kilograms, litres and millilitres. We then took part in a secret agent capacity mission where we were challenged to work as a team to accurately measure out different liquids.

Walking on the Moon

Year 2 had lots of fun learning all about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We even acted out the great moon landing from 1969.

Stardome Planetarium

Year 2 have been learning about the different planets and constellations.


Year 2 have really enjoyed exploring our new space role play area.

The Highway Rat

We have been looking at stories by a familiar author in English. This week we have been reading Julia Donaldson stories, we even interviewed a character from one of her stories. We now know that he Highway Rat is very greedy as he takes all of the animal's food.

Active Maths

We have been playing times table and telling the time games in our maths lessons

Class Governor Visit

We were very lucky on Tuesday to have a visit from our wonderful (and very entertaining) class governor Anne. Anne helped us to make some Christmas cards, before sitting down to enjoy some milk and a biscuit whilst we asked her some very interesting questions about her job. Thank you for popping in Anne!

Year 2 Enterprise

We have been busy little elves this week getting everything ready for the school enterprise on Wednesday. We have decided to make magic reindeer food, marshmallow snowman bags and a name the elf game. It has been lots of fun creating the products and making our own posters on the IPADs.

Hour of Code

Year two enjoyed taking part in the hour of code on Thursday afternoon.

Library Opening Day

We had great fun on the day of the library opening. We had a wonderful whole school assembly and storytelling session by Dan the author. After that we tested out our new library, before finally taking part in a whole school retelling of the Gruffalo.

Fire Brigade

On Thursday we had a visit from Skelmersdale Fire Brigade. They came in an taught us about fire safety in the home. It was very interesting and now we all know how important it is to create a fire plan in our homes.

Fighting Fit

We have been learning how to keep clean and stay healthy in our theme lessons. On Wednesday we learnt how to keep our bodies clean. In English we have written and typed out some instructions for Reception children, showing them how to wash their hands. During our theme lesson we then wrote some clear instructions telling others how to brush your teeth.

Twisted Tales

Last week we began our new topic in English 'Twisted Tales'. On Thursday we had a strange visitor in our class...The Big Bad Wolf! We practised asking him some questions and acted out parts of the story.

Giving directions

Mrs Bentham has been teaching us some new mathematical language that we can use when giving directions.

Writing Instructions

As our current topic in English is 'instructions' we have been looking at features of instructions, practising giving and following instructions and writing some instructions to help Max the monkey get changed for PE. We now know that instructions usually include adverbs, time words and bossy verbs. 

Anti bullying week

We have had a busy week this week, we have enjoyed making friendship bracelets for our year 1 friends, making origami hearts to create a friendship display, joining in with our whole school anti bullying song and creating posters on the computers to make people more aware of cyber bullying.

Anti-Bullying Week

Year 1 and Year 2 loved swapping their anti bullying gifts that they made for each other. Year 1 made super hero masks to show that they want to stand up and stop bullying. Year 2 made friendship bracelets to show that they always want to be friends.

World War 2

This week we have been learning about World War 2. We have been focusing on the Homefront and have enjoyed taking part in lots of activities including ordering events in WW2, making some delicious rock cakes, writing an acrostic poem, learning about the roles of women and children in the war and using our role play area to write letters to the soldiers.


We have been looking at work by the wonderful William Morris in our art lessons. Now we know that he created repeated patterns by printing. Last week we tried printing with a range of different materials. Most of us found the quick print foam was the easiest.

Measuring length

We have been measuring lengths in centimetres and metres. Some of us enjoyed going outside to measure and compare the lengths of dinosaurs in metres. What great fun!


Sketching using different materials

We used "Sketches" and "Doodle Buddy" on the iPads to sketch some of the playground equipment using a variety of different effects. After that, we used our sketchbook to draw the train. Next week we will be moving onto printing some of our drawings. Such budding artists!

A Pirate's Tale

Last week we wrote our own pirate adventure stories, we then read these stories to year one. They thought our stories were fantastic! Great work year two!


Finding lines of symmetry

This week we learnt that if something is symmetrical it is the same on both sides. We used mirrors to help us find shapes and patterns that are symmetrical.


Pirate visitor

On Tuesday a very special visitor came into year two. She was one of the characters from the story 'A New Home For a Pirate'. We asked her lots of questions about her life, being a pirate sounds great fun!


Pirate tales

Recently we have been reading a range of pirate stories. We have enjoyed acting out different parts of the story and retelling the story using pictures.


Visit to the park

As part of our theme 'The Place Where I Live', we went on a small walk around our local area. We followed a simple map that led us to a local park, on the way we discussed the difference between natural and man-made features. When we arrived at the park we evaluated and tested all of the playground apparatus, testing the equipment was great fun!


2D shapes

We have been looking at a range of 2D shapes this week and counting the number of sides and vertices.

The Place Where I Live

We have learnt how to use Google Earth to find our local area.

Ordering Numbers

In Year 2 we have been learning how to order numbers using greater than and less than signs. We enjoyed using the crocodiles to help us

Drawing Ourselves


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