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Delph Side Community Primary School

Enjoy, Embrace, Evolve - "We Make the Difference!"

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Our class teacher is Mr Fyne and our teaching assistants are Mrs Dickson and Mrs Couch.

Our theme this half term is 'Fightin Fit'. Throughout this half term we will be focusing on Science, Art and Music. We will be learning about how we grow and stay healthy and find out and describe the basic needs of humans. In art we will be making a figure out of clay. We are also looking forward to our World War 2 theme week. Plus lots more.......

Check back to your page to see what we have been getting up to in Year 2!

General Information

  • PE takes place on a Monday and a Thursday and PE kits should stay in school.
  • Reading..Reading....Reading. Children need to be reading every night at home. We have a brand new reading award and each week in gathering a child will be chosen in Key Stage 1 to receive a book prize, for a reason linked to reading.
  • Spelling. All children will bring home a list of Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception words. Please practice these words as these are the words that children need to be spelling correctly in their writing by the end of Year 2.
  • Times Tables. We will be working on learning the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. There are some good apps and songs on Youtube to help. Check out 
  • Snack. At play time children can either bring in their own healthy snack or choose to pay 20p per day to choose a snack from our healthy snack trolley.
  • Water BottlesWater bottles can also be brought into class in a plastic bottle that is clearly labelled with a name and will be freely accessible throughout the day.
  • Labels. Please make sure that all clothes are labelled, especially jumpers and cardigans, so that hopefully these do not go missing!


English and Handwriting

We are working really hard to improve our handwriting and learning how to join our letters. We are trying hard to show this on our English work. We are enjoying learning about Space and have been making notes about what we know about the planets and Neil Armstrong. Next week we will be writing our own non-chronological report.


In Computing we learnt about the Internet and the World Wide Web. We had to explore this website about the Tomato Spider, , and decide if it was a real website. A lot of us were surprised that it was not real!

Mile a Day

We really enjoyed our first time on our 'mile track'. We counted how many laps we did and will try to beat our scores next week.

Online Safety

Our first Computing lesson of the year focused on Online Safety. We watched a video ( ) and discussed the top tips for staying safe online.

Outdoor PE

We had great fun in our first PE lesson, despite the foggy weather! This half term our focus is Target Games.


We started off our new theme 'Explorers' by thinking about what an explorer is. We then had to imagine that we were an explorer and draw and write about what equipment we would take on our expedition.


We enjoyed making Christingles for the Christingle assembly, after learning about what each of the parts represent.

Party Day

Year 2 really enjoyed party day and bringing in their own toys to play with, followed by a disco in the hall.

Christmas Enterprise

We really enjoyed the preparations for the Christmas Fair. We made Christmas lights biscuits and hot chocolate reindeer cones. We were busy elves helping to get everything ready.

Christmas Enterprise

As part of our Christmas enterprise we had to use our times tables to work out the cost of the different items we needed to make our hot chocolate reindeer cones. We are getting quicker at remembering times tables facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Science - Medicines
In Science we talked about why we take medicines and how they help us. We also discussed what to do if we found something that looked like sweets and what we would do to keep safe.

Elf on the Shelf

We received a special package and inside it were 2 elves. We enjoyed reading The Elf on the Shelf story and have been seeing what our elves get up to each day.

Handling Data

Our Computing lesson this week linked to our science work. We had to choose our favourite fruit. We created a tally chart and then learnt how to use this information to create a block graph on Busy Things graphmaker. 


We have been working hard on our handwriting and learning how to join our letters.

Pop Art

As part of our Fighting Fit theme we looked at the work of, the artist and sculptor, Keith Haring. We enjoyed using clay to make a figure and working in his style to create our own masterpieces.

Fire Safety

We had a visit from firefighters from Skelmersdale Fire Station who taught us all about fire safety and what to do if we smelt smoke or there was a fire in our house. 

Heart Smart

We are enjoying our Heart Smart lessons. Today we learnt how to differentiated between the truth and lies we hear or speak about ourselves.

Multi-Skills Event

The Year 2 children selected for the multi-skills event had a great time competing in lots of different events against other schools. They were so proud to come back and show their medals to the rest of the class.


We have really enjoyed the start to our unit of work on 'Twisted Fairy Tales'. We started the week having to guess the fairy tales from the objects in the mystery bag. We then looked at the front cover of 'Honestly Red Riding Hood is Rotten' and made predictions about what we think would happen in the story. We then discussed new words that would come up in the story before reading the story and listening out for these words.


This week in Maths we have been learning to multiply. We have been learning how to make equal groups to help us work out the answers to our 2 and 5 times tables. Check out our Seesaw page for ideas to support at home and links to times tables songs.


We continue to enjoy our PE lessons and are learning to play lots of new games.

World War 2 Week

Year 2 have really enjoyed World War 2 week. We started learning about the key events of World War 2 and creating a timeline. We then learnt about the Home Front with a focus on rationing, the role of women and what it would be like to be a child during the war, including what to do if an air raid siren went off! We also made rock buns,  painted poppies for our school display as well as enjoying World War theme activities in class, including our Post Office.

Guy Fawkes Day

Year 2 enjoyed our Guy Fawkes theme day. They were really engrossed in learning about the events of the Gunpower Plot. They then enjoyed working creatively using Doodle Buddy on the iPads, printing and using chalks to create fireworks pictures.


This week we met Boris, the robot, in our assembly, who will help us to explore our hearts and the things that make us unique. This half term our theme is "Let the love In". We had our first lesson in class and talked about when other people use kinds words or actions to show us they love us and that we need to remember to 'Let love in' and allow it to strengthen our hearts.

Our new theme is Fighting Fit. We talked about how humans grow and how we have changed since we were a baby. We then started a comparative test to see if older children had bigger feet. We went round different classes to measure the feet of different children and then measured them in cm. In our next lesson we will look at our results and see what we find out.

English - Instructions

Our English lesson on Halloween was to listen to and follow instructions to draw a bat and a pumpkin. It was great fun. We will now be learning the features of instructions and learning to write our own instructions.

Online Safety

This week we have been talking about how to keep safe online. We completed a questionnaire where we had to answer how we go online, what we watch and share and what we play and see.


We enjoyed starting the new half term with our first Athletics lesson.


We really enjoyed our music lessons this week. We talked about the difference between sounds and music. We listened to some music and talked about how it made us feel. Our favourites were - The Lions Sleeps Tonight and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Check out the links to listen to them at home.

Printing in Art

This week we looked at the artist William Morris. We then turned one of our drawings of the trim trail into a print, by using Quickprint technique.

Home Learning Challenges

We had some super entries to our home learning challenge to design a new playground. We love to see learning that has taken place at home.


We enjoyed our first multimedia lesson, with some of us using the computers and some of us on iPads. We were set a challenge to use Busy Things publisher to present some information on pirates. We had to use the keyboard to type and the mouse to draw. We learnt how to save our work to continue next week.


This week we learnt how to make a map of our route to the park and we even had some Ordnance Survey symbols.


In PE we continued with our different warm up activities before working in small groups to try to represent different items through dance. We had to be stars and chocolate. 


We have been learning how to read a map. We worked in pairs to label a map of Tanhouse.


We have been working on our adding this week. This is something you could work on at home. First children need to be able to add single digit numbers e.g 4 + 3 = 7 + 6 =. Then two digit numbers and 1 digit numbers e.g 12 + 4 = 14 + 5 = 13 + 9. After that we move onto adding tens e.g 24 + 20 = 35 + 20 = 45 + 20 = 

Trip to the local park

As part of our theme 'The Place where I live' we visited a local park. We became Geography explorers and learnt how to follow a map to the park. We evaluated the park and thought about what we liked and did not like. We then designed a new park with new equipment. We also developed our art skills by drawing the different equipment in the park.


In Computing we put our coding skills to test using Fix the Factory app on the iPads. We worked in pairs to try to solve the first levels and had to program a robot to do a task. We had to spot where it went wrong and debug the algorithm without asking an adult and work it out ourselves.


We are continuing to enjoy our PE lessons and learning more of our pirate dance.


In RE we have been learning about the Islamic ritual of Wudu and Salah.


We enjoyed meeting Poppy in class and some of us got to spend some time with her in the library.


We had a go at drawing our own pirate. We then followed instructions on to learn how to control our pencil to draw a more detailed pirate with great results.  Have a try at home and see how well you do!


In Computing we learnt that an algorithm is a sequence of actions. We had to follow algorithms from Mr Fyne and then had a go at giving instructions to move round an obstacle course to pick up and move the ball.

Talk like a Pirate Day

Year 2 children celebrated Talk like a Pirate Day. We learnt some pirate phrases and facts about pirates. A highlight of the day was our visit to Aaron Crest to spend time there with the residents. The children enjoyed chatting, reading stories, colouring and playing games. The residents were thrilled to have them visit. They were praised for their behaviour and conduct and the residents did not want them to leave! Well done Year 2!!


In English we have been reading the story of the Night Pirates. We enjoyed acting out different parts of the story and imagining what the characters would say.


We have enjoyed our first PE lessons as we start to learn a new dance.

More Maths

We are learning about place value and worked with our partners to learn how to partition numbers into tens and ones, e.g 63 = 60 + 3. See if you can practice this at home with numbers up to 100.


We had to be historians and imagine what it would be like to live 110 years ago. We had to sort the photos into what would be in homes now and what were from homes in the past.


Our first maths lessons in Year 2 have been working with our partner or in small groups to solve maths problems. 


As an introduction to our new theme, 'The Place where I live' we used Google Earth to find Skelmersdale and our own homes.

Week 1

We have really enjoyed exploring our new Year 2 classroom and finding out the different activities that we can do during our challenge time.. We were also introduced to answering questions and Mr Fyne scanned our answers using 'Plickers' app and could see how many children got the answers right.